Review of Sin Eater Eliquid by Smog Craft

The team at Smogcraft kindly sent out their complete range of high VG dripper juice free of charge for the purpose of these reviews.
About Smog Craft.
Based in Derbyshire in the UK The Smog Craft team are extremely passionate about their liquids and pride themselves on providing the very best quality craft vapour money can buy. Through extensive research and testing they have produced some of the most unique and best tasting juices available. Their master flavourist painstakingly blends each of their liquids time and time again at test stage until he is satisfied that only the very best make it into our final production process.
Their liquids were specifically designed for today's drippers and 'cloud chasing' vapours coming in at a massive 90% VG. 

Sin Eater is described on the Smog Craft Website as follows:
Imagine the best doughnuts you ever tried, drizzle them with a luxurious continental chocolate and you might just come close to the sumptuous flavour of 'Sin Eater'. Numerous batter and dough flavours blended with two amazing chocolate flavours to produce one of the best Chocolate Doughnut dripping juices available.

Juice Specification 
PG/VG Ratios :  10%PG / 90%VG
Nicotine Strenghts (MG) :0,3 & 6mg 
Bottle Size : 15ml & 30ml 
Place Of Manufacture : Derby, UK 
Price £7.49
My Vaping Set up Atomiser : El Cabron
Wick & Coil : single Clapton 24g/30g @ 0.51ohm
Device : Snow Wolf set to 50watts
The Smog Craft juice comes in a 15ml rectangular glass mattblack frosted bottle, with a matching glass dropper childproof Saftey cap. With a plain light grey label on the front with the silhouette of a scarey looking clown (I don't like clowns on a good day) sitting above the juice name 'Sin Eater"

On the reverse of the bottle you have the information label, with all the relevant Saftey information, and raised warning triangle.

On Vaping Sin Eater.
The first few inhales I found it quite overpowering, initially delivering massive throat hit from the chocolate infusion,  which did take me back a bit. 

As you continue, the flavour and intensity starts to settle and you start to get more of a sweet milk chocolate flavour developing,  this chocolate infusion seems to be the dominating flavour, as it works up, right up towards the back of the tongue, where it delivers quite a strong throat hit. 

It seems to only be on exhale where the chocolate begins to release its grip on your taste buds, and as it begins to melt away it begins to release the sweet donut mix below.

The flavour profile it creates, reminds me very much of those little small donuts, with the tops covered in glossy milk chocolate. This sweet mini chocolate donut blend then continues throughout the remaining exhale.

After a short while of vaping, and after your taste buds have acclimatised to the flavour profile, you then begin to get the full on mini chocolate donut coming through on the inhale, as well as the exhale. Creating a moorishly good vape.

I found the final flavour profile to be very impressive, delivering an ultra realistic mini chocolate coated donut sensation, but did find the chocolate infusion to be a little to hard hitting on the inhale, towards the back of the throat, but as with the real life chocolate coated mini donuts, I still found myself coming back for more after each vape.

MVR Score
Flavour : 7/10 
Throat Hit : 9/10 
Vapor Production : 9/10 
Aroma : 8/10 
Overal :  7/10
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