Review of Vanilla Milkshake from Johny's Shake Vapes

The guys at Johny's Shake Vapes kindly sent out their unique range of milkshake inspired Ejuices free of charge for the purpose of these reviews.

About Johny's Shake Vapes
We want to take you back to a time when quality ruled, before profit and price wars diluted what the producer/consumer relationship was supposed to be. We aim to offer the highest quality E-Liquid, using ingredients shipped over from approved suppliers in the USA. Our flavours are carefully thought out, tested and perfected to achieve our trademark standard of authentic tasting Milkshake based E-liquid.  

All of our flavours are based on a vintage 1950's American diner style milkshake. Real dairy ice cream layered with quality ingredients. each flavour is based on a dessert famous to a specific state. keeping things authentic and unique!

Vanilla Milkshake is described on the Johny's Shake Vapes website as follows:
"The original' a classic American style vanilla milkshake E-liquid. With a rich and creamy texture you can really pick out the authentic dairy ice cream and vanilla bean Flavour.  The perfect all day vape"

Juice Specification
PG/VG Ratios :  
Nicotine Strenghts (MG) : 3,6 & 12mg
Bottle Size : 15,30 & 100ml
Place Of Manufacture : UK

Priced from (15ml): £6.99

My Vaping Set up
Atomiser : Twisted Messes RDA

Wick & Coil : Dual Coil 26awg @ 0.49ohm
Device : Evic @ 50w

This Ejuice arrived in a uniquely shaped 30ml plastic bottle, which when I first got it out of the package, thought it had been squashed in the post, but no ,it is a flattened out 30ml bottle, that fits perfectly into your pocket, as well  as fitting perfectly in the hand whilst dripping.

True to its name this juice has the aroma of the classic vanilla milkshake. Creamy with hints of subtle vanilla.

On vaping Vanilla Milkshake.
The challenge  is, when you set your stall out, and call a juice a specific name or flavour, you set the bar quite high, as people will judge it against that flavour. Rather than a none real item item, like rainbow mist, you don't have a base line to compare it to, does it taste like rainbow mist, so the guys at Johny's Shake Vapes defiantly set them these a challenge, as vanilla milkshake is one of theses flavours that everyone can relate to.

As you begin your vape your are greeted with a Velvety smooth inhale,  with a very precise creamy centre note, that rolls in up the tongue,leaving a slight buttery coating on the way up of your tongue. Your mind automatically expects the creaminess to develop into more of a custard type vape, but it doesn't it holds true as it travels up your tongue,

And the butteryness seems to melt away, and replace by what I would have to describe as a type of malt infusion, which seems to bring a natural milkiness to to vape.

The vanilla essence infusion is seemlessly blended, it deliver a constant level of flavour. With no flavour hot spots, very well balanced.

The infusion and clever layering of flavours, delivers the definite  illusion of thickness whilst Vaping which adds to the milkshake sensation.

The throat hit with this juice seems to be experienced on the exhale, and is more of a flavour hit, very smooth, and quite subtle, a combination of the malt and vanilla. 

As you exhale your get a creamy coating of flavour laying out across the tongue,  subtle vanilla seemlessly balance with creamy creation, which on exhales is reminiscent of a classic creamy Cornish ice cream.

The more you vape on this juice, I find the more the flavour profile builds. As the individual flavour notes seem to seemless melt away into each other, to create e that classic vanilla milk shake vape. 

The vanilla sweetness can be increase by just tweaking the wattage, I found 60w was just about perfect balance 

Only thing missing from the classic vanilla milkshake from your childhood is brain freeze. If anything it is the opposite, it is a warming embracing flavour profile. Like a hug of flavour.

Now about half way through the 30ml bottle, dripping my way through the the last couple of evenings, it really starts coming into it own, the flavour profile, just seems to become more and more balanced, and just keeps getting better and better.

The team at Johny's Shake Vapes, set them selves a real challenge with this juice, and I must say they have absolutely nailed it, they have perfected that Classic Vanilla Milkshake flavour, ultra creamy and full of flavour. And it just seems to get better and better, the more you vape it. 

MVR Score
Flavour : 10/10
Throat Hit : 8/10
Vapor Production : 8/10
Aroma : 10/10
Overal :  10/10

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