Review of the IJOY Reaper Sub Ohm Tank from Vape Distribution

The guys over at Vape Distribution kindly sent me out the IJOY Reeper Tank free of charge for the purpose of this review.

The Reeper Tank is described on the IJOY website as follows :

"Reaper raise a new height for healthier vapor experience. It is a perfect combination for wattage and vapor cloud. No need high watt but right watt for your rich taste and smooth vapor.

This next generation tank brings improved adjustable airflow, next cooling system, top filling design and improved dual coils design will allow vapers experience better taste and vapor production. 100% organic cotton with ceramics braket create a healthier smooth taste."

The Reaper arrived in a clear plastic presentation box, with paper sleeve inside the box, with an image of the tank on the front.

In the top right hand corner of the box, is a small label to indicate the colour of the tank side.  On the reverse on the box you can find a breif description of the Tank, and some basic spec details, along with the scratch and check panel.

As you can see, unfortunately my box did get a little squashed in the post, luckily it didnt effect the tank inside.

When you take of the lid, it reveals the tank set firmly inside its foam surround.

The Reaper comes preinstalled with its coil, and apart from the tank there is nothing else included in the box, ( it would have been nice to have included the RTA section).

 Spec and Features
Model : Reaper
Manufacturer: Ijoy
Type : Subtank
Body Material : Stainless Steel
Tank Material : Glass
Tank Capacity : 2.8ml
Air Flow Control : yes
Top Fill : Yes
Connection : 510 threaded, 
Width : 22.5mm
Height : 57mm
Price :  $12.00

The Reaper comes in a choice colours, to perfectly match any of you mods.

The reaper as I mentioned comes with the standard 0.6ohm coil pre-installed, and once primed and juiced is ready to vape.

 For the purpose of this review we will break down the Reaper into its component parts and look in detail at each part.


Base Section
The base section of the Reaper features standard 510 threaded connection with a non adjustable brass center pin.

The edge of the stainless steel base has some nicely machined slots running around the edge which allow for a nice grip when screwing and unscrewing from the device, plus when removing the base from the tank.

Running just above this lip, is the Airflow control ring, which again features match machining to allow for grip, along with two long slots. to allow for airflow control, this ring is fitted with a nice tolerance, and rotates completely around, with no stop pin, with just the right amount of resistance to hold your setting in place.

the centre of the base is completely hollowed out.

with the centre pin sticking up at the bottom, this large recess in the base allows for the airflow not only to flow onto the coils, But also to flow around the outer section of the coil housing, creating a cooling effect.
The top section of the base has machined threading, which allows the coil to be installed.

The Coil.
The Reaper uses some of the largest stock coils I have come across.

The coil has a large flat base that creates an excellent contact with the raised centre pin in the base.

The stock coil features to parrel coils side by side, which on inspection would be more in keeping in a RDA, they are wicked using organic Japanese cotton. The coils are separated by a section of peak insulator.

The coils are feed through two small holes in the top which sit directly under the tank feeding directly onto the coils.

There are two square holes on either side of the coil, which allow direct airflow through to the coils, which installed correctly they sit just slightly off set to the main air-flow control holes in the side of the base section.

The coil simple just screws down into the base section.

Tank section
The tank section of the Reaper is constructed out of a stainless Steele sleeve. With a glass inner tank.

The glass section of the tank can not be removed, and has been bonded in place. The base of the tank is threaded to allow it to connect firmly to the base section.

The stainless steel inner chimney features a large sealing ring on the base to ensure a tight seal onto the coil.

The tank holds 2.8ml of juice, which can be viewed through the four large viewing Windows, two on each side. 

 And is filled through the slots in the top of the tank section,

The slots allow for easy filling with either a dripper pipette, or standard juice bottle.

Top cap.
The Reaper features a thick stainless steel top cap, with a standard 510 drip tip hole.

The underside of the top cap, has thick threading, and a large white oring,to ensure no leakage.

Drip Tip.
Included with the Reaper you get a wide bore drip tip, combining a stainless steel outer casing and with a peak material insulator running on the through the side and down into the top cap, to prevent heat transfer through to the mouth piece.

The drip tip fits very snugly into the top cap.

Which can then be screwed down onto the tank, to seal off the filling holes.

The Base section can then be screwed onto the tank, and your ready to fill and vape.

Aesthetics and Build Quality

The Reaper is very well constructed and has a very solid feel to it, all parts fit together very securely, with a nice tight fit, although I did find the top cap thread a bit rough. And you can find yourself cross threading it, if your not careful.

The tank has a great overall look and with the choice of colours available will fit in well, and be a great addition to any set up.

When paired up with the IJoy Solo mini, it's a perfect match, and makes a great tank/mod combo.

The machined slots on the sides of the top cap and base, are well thought out, and allow for effortless breaking down and filling of the tank, even with juiced fingers.

For the price point that the tank is selling for I was pleasantly surprised by the build quality and overall feel of the tank.

Performance & Real World Experience
Don't be fooled by its sleek unstated looks, this tank is definitely performs up there with other sub tanks out there on the market.

The parrell layout of the coils, combined the the direct juice delivery, and huge direct airflow, seem to produce an impressive amount of vapour, even off the smallest draw.

With the coils sitting slightly off set to the chimney, there is very little if any spit back.

When combined with the right mod, and vaping at around 35w it not only produces an impressive amount of vapour, but also manages to produce a great level of flavour, more inline with a RDA.

The only down side I have found, is the fact that the tank only holds 2.8ml, and running dual coils, it does eat through the Ejuice quite quickly.

An overall impressive performance even at these lower wattage settings. Would love to see how it performed with the RTDA section, which can be purchased separately.

Conclusion & Recommendation.
A great looking, great performing tank, with plenty of vapour production and flavour, at a bargain price. All you need to do is pick you colour.

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