Review of the Joyetech Cuboid 150w from

The Team at Gearbest kindly sent out this 
Joytech Cuboid 150w mod free of charge for the purpose of this review.

The Cuboid is described on the Gearbest website as follows:

"Cuboid, applies Variable Temperature Control system with firmware V3.0 and 150W output, having Temp-SS316 and customized TCR available now. It is powered by two replaceable 18650 cells with the new slip-open cover. Multiple colors, 0.96-inch OLED screen and the new dual-battery bar display make it more practical and attractive catering to your preference. Upgradeable firmware enables it always up-to-date. Now you can upgrade your Cuboid to 200W via VT Software"

And is available to purchase $45 

The Cuboid arrived in a cardboard presentation box. displaying an image of the mod on the front of the box. along with the wording CUBOID 150W Firmware Upgradeable .

On the rear of the box it gives you a brief description of the product and a content of what is in the box. along with a colour indicator.

Opening the box, reveals the mod sat in its foam surround.

The kit includes the following items.
1x Cuboid Mod
1x USB charging cable
1x Warranty Card
1x Instruction booklet.

Model Name : CUBOID
Manufacturer:  Joytech
Main Material : Stainless Steel
Type : VW/TC
Atomiser Connection: Gold Plated 510 Spring loaded
Display : OLED
Battery: Dual 18650
Charging : Mirco USB
Battery Cover : Slip Open Cover
Output Wattage:  1-150w upgradable to 200w
Temperature Range: 100 - 315C / 200 - 600F
Modes available: VW / VT-Ti / VT-SS316 / TCR mode
Atomizer resistance in VT : 0.05 - 1.5ohm
Atomizer resistance in VW :0.1 - 3.5ohm
Size :  (L x W x H): 4.2 x 2.8 x 9.15cm
Product weight: 0.170 kg

The Cuboid comes in a choice of 3 colours, Silver, Grey and Black. i was sent the black one for the purpose of this review.

The Cuboid has the following built in saftey functions.

Over 10s Protection: when the fire button is pressed for more than 10s the device will cut off, and display "Over 10s Protection"

Short Circuit Protection : If the device detects a short circuit it will display "Atomiser Short"

Weak Battery : When the battery output reaches 2.9v it will  display "Weak Battery" at the bottom of the screen and adjust the output accordingly

Imbalanced  Batteries: If the voltage difference between the two cells reaches 0.3v or higher it will display Imbalanced Batteries when the charging cable is plugged in.

Charge Error: If the device detects no current when the usb cable is plugged in - it will display charge error.

Check Battery - will display if the batteries are not installed correctly.

Over Charge - If the device detects a voltage greater than 5.8v through the USB . - it will display "Check USB adaptor"

Low Power - if the voltage drops below 3.1v the device will shut off - and display "Battery Low"

The Joytech Cuboid comes with some of the most comprehensive built in safety systems , to ensure that you and your device are protected.

The Cuboid Body
The device is constructed out of stainless steel, which has then had a slightly textures matt finished applied to it.

The main part of the body has been machined out of one solid block of stainless steel, and has a real weight to it. With no seems or joins around the outside of the body. apart from where it meets the screen which runs down the full length of the device.

510 Connection
The top of the device, is finished in a match matt textured black and secured in place by 2 very small screws. The 510 connection if set in a small circular recess on the left hand side of the device. and features a spring loaded golden plated centre pin.

The recess allows air to flow to the atomiser, as well as collecting any juice that may drip down.

I have had no issues attaching any of my atomisers to the device, and the all connect well.

Located on the left hand side of the device, towards the top is the micro USB socket, which allows you not only to charge the device, but also keep the firm ware updated, by connecting it to your PC and installing the latest version of the firm ware.

Battery Compartment.
One of the USP on the Cuboid, is the neatly designed battery compartment door, which has a spring loaded slide catch.

which allows you instant access to the dual 18650 batteries, by simply sliding the groved catch upwards, and the door pops open, very clever, very neat.

And to shut the battery cover door, you simple push it shut, until you hear the click, this is one of the best battery doors i have come across, it works perfectly every time, no screws, no magnets just a simple catch.

Control switches
The fire button is located on the right hand side of the device, and sits proud by a couple of mil, which allows for the fire button to be easily located. And has a really nice positive click to it.

The button is finished in the same matching matt black. And although it has quite a lot of play in it, there is zero button rattle.

The control switches, are located on the face of the device, and could be missed if you weren't looking for them, as they are neatly set into the face of the display, just below the screen section of the face.

The control switches are virtually flush mounted, although seem to be easily located, with looking, by running your thumb down the surface of the device.

The have been positioned perfectly, to allow easy control, without interfering with vape. and are virtually impossible to press accidentally, due to the nature of the flush mounting.

The Cuboid features an OLED display that is seemlessly set into the face of the device, and when not activated, vanishes behind the polished front face.

The OLED screen displays all the relevant device information on one screen, negating the need to scroll between screens. 

It displays Power/temp, Voltage, Resistance, and Amps neatly above a dual battery indicator, that displays the remaining charge left in each battery.

I think Joytech, have got the display font size just about stop on. And can clearly be read at arms lengths, whilst vaping.

On/off - Pressing the fire button five times, turn the device on and off.

Stealth Mode - Press and hold the fire button along with the left button, will put the device into stealth mode, so the device screen won't display when fired.

Key lock - pressing both the function buttons at the same time with lock the controls, pressing both again will unlock.

Power Modes - pressing the fire button 3 times, will allow you to alternate between modes. Once pressed 3 times the top line of the display will begin to flash,  pressing the right function button will then select the next power mode, and will then cycle through on each click.

-power - temp Ni - temp Ti - temp SS316 - TCR M1

Whilst TCR is still flashing you can press the left button, to change between M1,M2 and M3

What is TCR?
TCR - Temperature Coefficient of Resistance. TCR is one of the main parameters that characterizes the change in resistance, in layman’s terms, you’ll be able to adjust the way your resistance fluctuates.

The Cuboid can be charged through the Mirco USB, if required, but it is recommended that the batteries are removed and charged externally when possible.

Atheistic's and Build Quality

The Cuboid has a real premium feel to it, with a great weight to it. It feels very well constructed. With its seemless curved body, it fits perfectly in the hand.

When held in the hand, it seems the perfect length 

The body wraps perfectly round to the screen, joining with only a slight join were the body and screen meet.

The battery compartment is very well designed and thought out. Giving instant access to changing out the batteries.

Performance & Real World Experiences

I absolutely love using this device, it's as if Joytech have taken all the feedback on previous mods, and combined all the positive  design and function queues into one sleek premium designed device. It really is faultless to use, the perfect balance between size and performance. 

With the flexibility to use all current coil types, and the ability for more advanced vapors to fine tune their vaping experience using the TCR function. 

With dual 18650 not only does it perform well but it lasts all day, where using tanks and RDA's.

The Cuboid comes as a 150 watt device, however upon upgrading the software it will unlock to a whopping 200 watts! Its highly sophisticated chipset alongside a high performance make the Joyetech Cuboid 150W TC Box Mod a premium product!

I really can't recommend the Cuboid enough, it's a great mod, nearing perfection, and one of the most complete mods currently on the market. And great value for money at around £32.  A definite must buy for all vapors.

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Joytech Cuboid 150w