Review of Kendo Vape Cotton from Vapeium

The guys over at Vapeium kindly sent me over some Kendo Vape Cotton, to try out on my builds, give my thoughts and review for them.

Kendo Vape Cotton is described on the Vapeium website as follows:

"Genuine Kendo Japanese Cotton

Currently known as the best wicking cotton around. This organic Japanese cotton is a pleasure to vape with. The cotton doesn't come as sheets but as a fluffy bundle."

And is available to pruchase direct from the Vapeium website for £3.99

About kendo Cotton.
Kendo Vape Cotton is cultivated in Japan from one selected spiecies of cotton plant. After numerous testing and experiments, it is found to be the perfect vapers' cotton. Just like the Kendo Shinai, this cotton can take repeated hitting and yet resistant to burning. Most important of all, it is 100% pesticide free and  unbleached. Undoubtedly, vapers will get to taste the full flavour of their E-Liquids in their first hit.

Why Kendo Cotton.
Kendo Vape Cotton is 100% unbleached and tasteless. Thus, you will not taste any cotton taste as there is no bleaching agent being used in this organic cotton.

Samples of our cotton tested by Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM), a organisation entrusted by Malaysian Government for standards and quality, as well as Malaysia Agriculture Research and Development Institute (MARDI), a Malaysian government body under the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry, found no traces of pesticide residue and bleaching agent.

It is always ready to use, no boiling needed! This premium quality vape cotton is far different from ordinary facial cotton!

100% Japanese Organic Cotton
2 x Better Absorption
2 x Longer Lasting
Pesticide Free
Low Flavour retention
Ready to use no Boiling
About 5 grams per pack.

Performance & Real world Experiences
The Kendo Cotton comes in its own resealable bag, so once you carefully cut open the bag above the seal, you can pull out the cotton, it comes in one fluffy bundle, rather than in sheets, like some other vaping cotton.

When you ready to wick your coils, you simple need to gently pull and need off a small amount of the fluffy cotton, you really dont need much as it really does start to expand as you start to work with it.

you can see the direction of the fibres and grain, so you can sort of pull your self off a strip.

Once removed, you can the easliy work with the wick, sort of working in a brushing it with your fingers to get all the fibers going roughly the same way, trying not to flatten or compact t down to much.

I find then just gently rolling it between the thumb and finger, pressing harder to make in into a tip at one end, whilst still keeping it as fluffy as possible.

Vaping Using Kendo Cotton,
I find, this cotton performs exceptionally well, in both drippers and tank, and seem to deliver an impeccable level of flavour when compared head to head, against the standard cotton sheets. 

And I've found that through prolonged use a higher wattages, seem to last much longer, before you start getting that tell tell burnt taste, coming up off the wicks, also well has holding its form better with the thicker juices, and not falling apart on the deck.

It seems to have a great fluffiness to it even after wicking through the coils, it still fluffs back up really well.

Conclusion & Recomendation

This cotton performs outstanding well in all areas, and is some of the best wicking material I have used.  And for the price I was suprised how much cotton you get in the bag. It seems to last for ages, the big white cloud of kendo cotton, never seems to get any smaller.

MVR Score 10/10