Review of the Tesla Nano 100w TC from Vape Distribution

The guys over Vape Distribution kindly sent out the Tesla Nana 100w TC mod free of charge for the purpose of this review.

"The Tesla Nano is described on the tesla website as follows: 
Tesla Nano 100W TC Box Mod is compact, ergonomic, and utilizes two high-powered Li-Po batteries in parallel resulting in an amazing 4500mAh capacity, superior high power performance, extreme stability, and most of all safety features intended to keep vaping safe."

The Tesla Nano arrived in a small black presentation box, with an inlaid outline image of the mod on the front, with Tesla Nano 100w TC written underneath, 

The side of the box feature res a bright orange almost metallic panel, with a line drawn steampunk design.

The back of the box features brief details of the device and manufacturer details.

The box have a real premium feel to it, with an almost rubberised velvet finish to it.

As you open the box, the lid hinges back revealing the embossed Tesla logo on the inside edge.

 The mod itself is wrapped in a sheet of rainbow metallic sheet, with more branding on the top, as you carefully lift the wrapping, you get your first glimpse of the copper coloured mod.

Tesla Nano Specification 
Model Name : Nano 100w TC
Manufacturer: Tesla
Main material : Zinc Alloy
Type : Variable Wattage / Temperature Control Mod 
Chip: not Stated
Atomiser Connection: 510/ Brass Plated Silver
Display : OLED
Charging : standard and via micro USB
Output Wattage: 100w
Temperature Range: 200°F ~ 600°F(100 ~ 300°C)
Ohms Range Standard : 0.15ohm-3.5ohm
Ohms Range Temp : (Ti/Ni200) 0.05-1.0ohms
Battery Size:  Internal Dual Lithium Polymer 4500Ma
Size : : 79x 48.5 x 24mm

The Tesla Nano comes in a selection of colours and finishes

Built in Saftey
Auto Cut off Protection : after 10s the device will cut off.
Low Voltage Protection : When the Voltage output is too low it will cut off and display 'Low Voltage'
Short Circuit Protection : If the device detects a short circuit in the atomiser, or a resistance below 0.1ohms in wattage mode, or 0.05ohms in temp mode.

Tesla Nano Body.
The Nana body is machined out of Zinc Alloy, I was lucky enough to be sent out the Steam Punk addition, which features the highly detailed Steam Punk design on the out casing.

The one I was sent had the an antiqued copper finish to it, which has the been lacquered to give it a really smooth high quality gloss finish to it.

The recessed parts of the design, have a really nice darkened age look to them, which highlights the rest of the embossed textured design.

The edges of the device are seemlessly round, with the detailing design, wrapping around the edges.

The zinc alloy top plate is held in place by four tiny Philips head screws, one in each corner. And features an off set 510 connection. With stainless steel threaded and a sprung loaded brass centre in.

On the opposite side to the 510 connection are the control buttons, machined out of a matching zinc alloy, with nicely detailed (+) and (-) detailing machined into the buttons. 

I quite liked the fact that on the Tesla Nano the control buttons, have been moved off the side, and located on the top, it keeps the side panel nice and tidy. 

The only down side I can think of, on having the buttons on the top, is the possibility of juice getting into the device, if you had any kind of leaking issues with your tank.

The fire button, is machined out of matching zinc alloy, and has a nice texture to it. With some nice detailing around it.

The button has a really nice load positive click to it, and feels really solid when pressed.

Located below the fire button, running up the side of the device. The OLED sit with a darkened section with rounded ends, has a bright well lite display.

The OLED displays all the relevant device information that you need whilst vaping.
- Battery Bar Indicator
- Resistance
- Voltage.
- wattage / Temp.

At the base of the side just below the display, is a small Tesla name plate, 

The base of the device features the micro USB socket, to allow you to charge the device. Along with a good number of venting holes.

The 4500mah battery charges via the Mirco USB socket, via a 5v /2a charge, allowing the device to charge in approximately 2.5 hours.

I only wish that they had located the USB socket on the side of the device, rather than on the bottom, as it means that you have to remove your atomiser when charging, as you can't stand it up, whilst connected.

The Tesla Nano has 3 main function modes, That you can easily switch between Wattage, Temp and Mech mode

Wattage Mode - pressing the fire button five time unlocks the device, and displays the current wattage of the device, the wattage can then be adjusted up and down using the control buttons on the top, in 0.5 point increments. From 7w upto 100w.

Mech Mode - to enter into Mech Mode simple turn the wattage upto 100w then press the + button once more and the screen will display 'Mech' this will allow the device to fire on the current available voltage. With no other power regulation.

Temp Mode - when you connect an Ti or Ni200 coiled atomiser to the device, it will display 'Temp Coil Select' , you can then select either Ni200 or Ti. By using the control and fire buttons. It will then ask you if it is a new coil, to allow you to lock in the resistance of the coil.  When selected you can then set the temp, by pressing the fire button 5 times to lock the device, then press and hold both the + & - to enter into Temp adjustment.  You can scroll through F & C or off.

Atheistic's and Build Quality
I am not normally a fan of Steam Punk, as I can find them a bit over board, and in your face. But Tesla, have got the Nano absolutely spot on, this Mod has a stunning design, proberleyone of the most eye catching mods I have had the pleasure to own. It has a timeless high quality design, with a really premium gloss finish to it.

The build quality on this device is superb, no button rattle, and very solidly put together, you just no it is one that is going to last, even down to the detailing on the buttons, and around the screen. Feels more like a piece of art rather than a mod.

Performance & Real World Experiences. 

This device has performed faultlessly since the moment I got it out of the box. Huge power range in comparison to its size,  it truely is a stealth Vape, it is the perfect size to be concealed in the palm of your hand.

I found the functions, mega easy to use, although I did find it a bit strange having to lock it before being able to adjust the temp setting.  

The auto temp sensing is really handy, in the way it detects the type of coil that has been installed, and directs you into selecting the temp coils.

Battery life, the 4500mah battery pre installed in the nano, is perfect for being out and about vaping, and is the perfect travel companion, it lasts me about a day and half between charges. And even when it does need charging, it only takes about 2 1/2 hours. 

Conclusion and Recomendation.
I highly recommend the Tesla Nano 100w TC, if you are looking for a stylish mod, that you can 100% rely on , and take out and about all day and night. Then check this mod out.