Review of CoilArt Coils

The guys over at Coil Art contacted me, asking if i would take a lkook at a selection of their Coils that they produce, and kindly sent over the range for me to try out and review.

About Coil Art
Coil Art  is the Coil brand for Coil Tech, who manufacture and produce over 50 kinds of coils for the vaping industry. Mainly focused on R&D, full a range of vaping coil including CTBVC, CTOCC, CTCL, CTTF, Ceramic Coil, SIM coil, etc.

Each set of Coil Art Coils came packaged in a clear well designed box, with the Coil Art logo and website on the front, the side of each box details the coil compatibility. And the rear of the box lists the 3 Combo packs contained within the box.

With in each box, each Combo pack is the packaged within its own box.

On the front of the box, it once again lists the devices that the coil is compatible with, and on the rear of the box, it features a tick box indicating, which coils are enclosed.

You can then simple open the top of the internal box, and slide out the blister pack, containing the five coils.

It would have been really helpful if they had labelled the blister pack, as it is not easy to spot which coil, is which, and you end up taking each coil out of the pack, to read which coil it is, as it is engraved in very small writing on each coil. It would also been helpful to have the resistance of each coil listed on the box.  Apart from that, very well packaged, with plenty on info.

The CoilArt coils come in three main types.

CTBVC Compatible with:Aspire Atlantis, Atlantis V2, Triton;Eleaf Melo 2, iJust 2;Playboy Vixen and Vixen Mini;Sense Herakles;Tobeco Super Tank, Mini Super Tank.

CTOCC Compatible with:Kanger TOPTANK, NEBOX, SUVOD, Subtank, Subtank Plus, Subtank Mini, Subtank Nano.

CTCL Compatible with:Joyetech eGo one,Tron (evic kit).

Performance & Real World Experience
For the purpose of this review I choose two of the coils, from the vast selection, in two different devices, using the same juice, to compare the levels of performance and flavour, compared against the standard stock coils.

CTOCC in the Kanger SubTank
The Subtank was one of the first of the sub Ohm tanks that I reviewed, so I have a good bases to compare it against.

I thought I would try the one from the Twisted Combo, and went straight for the Quad Twisted, constructed from 4 strands of 28awg Twisted Kanthal.

The Coil has been very well constructed, it's amazing how they manage to get Four strands of twisted into such a small coil.

The coil fitted perfectly into the SubTank, with no issues, and once primed, and juice filled, I popped it onto the Tab521 to check the resistance, 

Coming in at just under 0.30ohms,  I was looking forward to giving it a Vape.

I was really impressed, with the almost transformation of the Sub tank, by simply installing a ramped up coil. Running 50w, the vapor production was outstanding, vastly increased over the standard stock coil, and weirdly it seemed to be a smoother cooler Vape, with less hot spots on the longer lung inhales. A great smooth flavour, not as intense as on some of my tanks, but still very impressive. 

CTCL Coil in the eVic Ego One Mega Tank.
The Ego One Mega tank, wasn't one of my favourite tanks, as I found its performance and flavour a little subdued, so wanted to see how the Coil Art Coil performed in it.

I have a real passion for Clapton Coils, so was looking forward to trying out one of the Coil Art Clapton Coils. From the Clapton Combo.  Constructed out of 26awg + 32awg Kanthal.

The tightly wrapped Clapton Coil, has been skilfully wrapped and packed into the CTCL Coil, surrounded by four massive juices holes.

Again the coil fitted perfectly into the Ego One a Mega Tank, primed and juiced, I popped it on to the Tab521 to check out the resistance.

Running out at 0.63 Ohms, it was ready to Vape.

Wow, what a transformation this coil makes to the tank,  running at 60w the vapor just billows off the coil, warm thick vapor, full of flavour. I would say that this Clapton Coil produces a better amount of Vapor and Flavour than the Quad Twisted, very very impressive. A great Vape.

The guys over at Coil Art really have perfected the manufacture of tank coils, and are the best pre made tank coils I have had the pleasure in vaping. With the vast range of coil types, there is going to be a coil for every occasion. I'm really looking forward to working my way through the rest of the coils, they really have given some of my old tanks a new lease of life, so before you stick your old tank up on the shelf, in the continued search for vaping enlightenment, why not try running some Coil Art Coils in them, Enjoy.

MVR Score : 10/10