Review of Decadent Vapours Brekzest Ejuice

The team Decadent Vapours kindly sent me out their latest addition to the extensive range of pre-mixed e-liquids free of charge for the purpose of this review.

"The Decadent Vapours range offers the finest quality premixed e-liquids (or as we call them e-ssences), with an incredible variety of strengths and diluent choices. They’re made with the very best ingredients we can find. That’s why they taste so good! Whatever your taste, you’ll find it here – for you to enjoy a steam that is unsurpassed." -

Brekzest is described on the Decadent Vapours Website as follows:
"Wake up to a tantalisingly true vape of tangy orange marmalade on well-done toast."

Juice Specification
PG/VG Ratios :  50/50
Nicotine Strenghts (MG) : 0%, 0.3%, 0.6%, 1.2% & 1.8%
Bottle Size : 10ml & 30ml
Place Of Manufacture : UK
Price : (10ml) £4.95, (30ml) £15.98
Cost Per Ml : 0.49p

My Vaping Set up
 : Geek Vape Griffin RTA (Gearbest)

Wick & Coil : Dual Coil Alien Claptons @ 0.18ohms
Device : Tesla nano 100w @ 50w.

On Vaping Brekzest.
This is the first 'toast' based Ejuice I have tried, and to be honest hadn't even imagined that it would be possible to even recreate such a flavour.  And I must say I was unsure if it was even possible to combine the sweet and savoury flavours together in one Vape.

Well,  all my apprehensions were put to rest as soon as I took my first long draw off my tank.  Initially your taste buds are overwhelmed with a wave sugary sweet marmaladised Orange, with its distinctive orange peal tang, with a real deep down caramelised sweetness, Decadent Vapours have completely encapsulated the traditional orange marmalade essence. 

This delightfully sweet breakfast topping is only half of the experience that this clever juice delivers. As the vapor travels further up your tongue, it starts to release a lingering undertone, which I would only be able describe as, yes, you guessed it, warm toast. The toastey undertone even holds a buttery edge, that cleverly, maintains its flavour level, just below the main marmalade high notes, whilst gliding along in the background. 

At the back of the throat, this juice delivers a surprisingly solid throat hit, which did take my slightly by surprise, but instantly soothes with its sugary sweetness.

As you exhale, it's all marmalade on toast, with an almost tingling sweetness coming from the tangy marmolised Orange, with the toast bringing a air of lightness to the exhale, with a lite buttery aftertaste, with a long lasting orange.

The aroma that this  Ejuice gives off whilst vaping is amazing, every one in the keeps asking, "who's cooking toast?"

I really did doubt, that this flavour combo could be created, with such a level of perfection, but the clever mixologist team at Decadent Vapours have managed to pull it off. You really can't beat, Marmalade on toast, as a match made in heaven.  Not sure about a breakfast Vape, as been vaping it all day.

MVR Score
Flavour : 8/10
Throat Hit : 8/10
Vapor Production : 7/10
Aroma : 9/10
Overal :  8/10

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