Review of the Smok R-Steam Mini 80W TC From


The guys over at the Smokstore kindly sent over this feature packed mod free of charge for the purpose of this review.

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The R-Steam Mini came packaged in a nice presentation box , with a photo of the Steam R on the front, with the normal QR codes on the side of the box.


The outer sleeve pulls off the reveal the inner black box, with houses the kit.


The kit includes,
1 X R-Steam Mini
1 X USB Cable
1 X Warrenty Card
1 X User Manual.


Model Name : R-Steam Mini 80w TC
Manufacturer: Smok
Main material : Zinc Alloy
Type : Variable Wattage / Temperature Control Mod 
Chip: not Stated
Atomiser Connection: 510 Spring Loaded
Atomiser Connector Diameter Max : 22mm
Display : 0.91 inches bare OLED screen,OLED
Charging : standard and via micro USB
Voltage range: 0.8 - 9V
Output Wattage: 80w
Temperature Range: 200°F ~ 600°F(100 ~ 300°C)
Ohms Range Standard : 0.06 - 2.0ohm
Battery Size:  Single 18560
Size : : 8.20 x 3.80 x 2.23 cm
Product weight: 0.120 kg 
Price: $39.90

The R-Steam Mini comes in a choice of 4 painted colours

For the purpose of this review, we will have a detailed look around the mod, and features and function, then go on to try it out, to see how it performs,

The R-Steam Body is machined out of zinc alloy, measuring just over 8cm tall, 


The body of the device has a high quality painted finish, that seems over use to have been quite durable. With a nice weight and feel to it.


It features a brass sprung loaded 510 connection, which is surrounded by a slightly recessed air-flow channel that runs off to the side. 

The back edge of my he device, is held in place with four small magnets,  and can be simple removed by lifting it away.


Once the magnetic battery cover is removed it reveals the black plastic battery tray, which will house your 18650 battery, which easily snaps into place, held securely by the brass sprung battery contacts.

The magnetic battery cover fits in place well, but it does suffer from a bit of wobble, both up and down and side to side.

The  R-Steam fire button is located on the front edge, black, square and very tactil with a nice sold click and return.


The fire button sits directly above the 0.91 inc OLED screen,  which unlike similar mods, has no plastic screen in front of it, essentially Bare, giving the R-steam an extra level of brightness, and reduced reflection in bright sunlight.

The displays gives you all the key information clearly displayed,


Pressing the fire button 3 times, switches the display into the function menu.

Option 1, a heartbeat symbol. This allows you to switch between wattage mode and temp mode.
When you enter temp mode, it follows up with a few choices. Strength, then coil type (Nickel, Titanium or Steel), then single or dual coil.
In watt mode it just returns to the main screen.
Option 2, a pipe. This allows you to browse through the puff counter.
It first shows you the amount of puffs you’ve already taken, then a selection to set maximum amount of puffs, and finally a reset for the puffcounter.
Option 3, a coil. This allows you to finetune the resistance of the coils.
This is where you can set the resistance of the coil for better temperature control.
Option 4, a graph. This allows you to adjust the TCR value for the material selected in temp mode.
Another finetuning option that will allow you to use variants of alloys. (Like SS317L instead of SS316 for example)
Option 5, a gear. This hides a few more options for the mod itself.
The first option in this menu allows you to put the display in stealth mode, and adjust the screentime.
The second option is contrast for the screen.
The third option is screen orientation, left or right.
Option 6, a standby logo. This will allow you to turn the mod off.
Option 7, the wheel, takes you up a level of menu,
Apart from using the menu functions to control and set up your device, you can also use a number of short cuts, that have been built into the device.
- In both temp and watt mode, holding down the plus and minus buttons will lock the buttons.
- Pressing the firebutton and minus button at once switches between watt and temp mode, 
- pressing the firebutton and plus button will switch between strengths.
Located beneath the plus and minus control buttons is the USB charging socket, which can be used to internally charge the 18650 battery, or if you wish, which I would always recommend , the battery removed and charged in an external charger.  The USB socket is also used to update the firmware on the device. 

Build Quality and Atheistic's 
The first thing I noticed about the R-Steam was how similar it was in design to the Evic Mini. The layout of the screen and the controls is vertually identical. 
The buttons on the R-Steam are square rather than round, and have a more tactical feel to the press.

The biggest different in the look and feel is the screen, although the screen on the R-Steam is smaller than that of th Evic, the screen is defiantly brighter, and i found easy to view in normal and bright light, due to the ability to adjust the brightness, combined with the fact that there is no protective plastic over the top.


The build and finish on the R-Steam is great. But is really let down by the magnetic battery door, I'm not sure if it is the machining or the strenght of the magnets, but the door just feels loose all the time, especially when compared with the evic mini, which is solid,

Performance & Real World Experiences. 
I have been really impressed with this little mod, and found it to be feature packed, allowing you to completely fine tune your , not only can you fine tune your coil resistance, but you can also adjust the style of vaping (Fire + plus) , alternating through from Max, Hard, Norm , Soft & Min. I could definitely tell the difference between the Max and the Min, with the max seeming to deliver a harder hit to the coil, with more of a harsh hotter blast, were as the soft and min, seems to deliver a slower ramp up on heating the coil.

Once you have set up your coil, and tweaked the setting, your ready to Vape, and it performs really well, great to slip in your pocket and take out and about.

I was a real fan of the Evic Mini, and after testing out the R-Steam, if defiantly has some competition, feature packed with a really bright adjustable screen, just slightly let down by the battery door.

Supplied by Smokstore