Guest Post from Vapelux London

To vape or not to vape?

To vape of course!!! There is just something so cool about vaping – it looks far better than a dirty cigarette, it smells nicer that’s for sure and it won’t kill you (that helps). 

It is also somewhat of a snazzy gadget with endless designs, mods, flavours, bits and bods…you get my drift…Since we are on the subject of style and smell in vape, Limitless Mod Co., available from new, online e-cigarette emporium Vapelux, have got it down to a T. 

Their range of dare I say fashionable (and affordable) vape mods will certainly help you to stand out from the vaping crowd without breaking the bank (cigarettes are expensive enough as it is, vaping shouldn’t have to be, too). 

From zombie green to bandana print and cobra, whatever style of mod you are into, they’ve got it. Some even change colour – groovy. If you prefer quality over quirky, then don’t despair, all of the Limitless vape mods are produced to perfection and offer the best vaping experience while at the same time possessing some unique features.

 The possibilities are limitless (did you like what I did there?) So drop that horrible fag and start vaping! You know it makes sense.   

Guest Post on behalf of Vapelux, London