Review of the Serpent Mini RTA from Wotofo


The team at Wotofo very kindly sent out their latest addition to their growing range, the Baby brother of the Serpent, the Serpent Mini was sent out free of charge for the purpose of this review.

The Serpent Mini arrived nicely packaged in a well designed presentation box, with a denim look finish to the outside of the box, uncluttered, with a white band at the bottom, clearly showing the product name.


The box lid effortlessly slides up to reveal the contents of the box.


Once the RTA is removed out of its foam cut, you have access to the rest of the kit.


The well stocked kit includes the following items,

1xWotofo Serpent Mini Single coil RTA
1xSpare Part and Hex Key Pack
1xJapanese Organic Cotton
1xPack of Wotofo Comp Wire
1xAdditional Glass Tank Section
Certificate: CE&RoHS

Wotofo Comp Twisted Coils
Wotofo Comp Cotton
Serpent Mini Spares Bag
Aesthetics and Build Quality

The choice of o-rings allow you to mix and match your tank for a bit of colour co-ordination.

The Serpent Mini comes in a choice of two colours, either Matt black or Stainless Steel.


Model : Serpent Mini
Manufacturer: Wotofo
Type : RTA
Body Material : Stainless Steel
Tank Material : Pyrex Glass
Tank Capacity : 3ml
Air Flow Control : yes
Juice Control : No
Coil Capacity : Single Coil
Deck style : Dual post Lay Down Coil
Top Fill : Yes
Connection : 510 Gold Plated
Width : 22mm
Height : 30mm (excluding drip tip & 510)
Weight : 0.080 kg
Supplied by
Price: $34.99

The Serpent Mini comes fully assembled straight out of the box, ready to coil, for the purpose of the review we will break it down into its component parts, build it back up, and stick a build in it and have a Vape.


Each section of the RTA simple unscrews from each other, and pulls apart.


The Serpent Mini features a wide bore drip tip, 13mm wide, with an inner air flow diameter of 9.5mm at the top, coneing down to a standard 5mm 510 drip tip. The out lip of the drip tip is hollow underneath, the drip tip has a great feel in the mouth, with its rounded off top edge.

The drip tip is securely held in place with two fat o-rings.

The drip tip snaps into the outer stainless steel top cap, 


The top cap has the name proudly engraved around the outer lip. 


The top cap is held securely in place, by the threading on the inner shaft, and sealed off from the chimney section, by an small white o-ring. The inner plate section, neatly seals off the juice chamber.


The chamber, chimney and tank top, are machined out of one piece. The top section of the tank has two large kidney shaped slots machined into the top, to allow easy juice filled, with either a needle tip bottle, or glass dripper.

The chamber has no juice control, so is one solid chamber, with threading around the inner edge, which screw down onto the outer lip is f the deck section, the Pyrex glass tank, fits neatly down into the top cap, were it is held in place by an o-ring.


The bottom of the glass tank fits directly down into the deck/base, into a recess with a fat oring located, to prevent any leakage from the tank, it is machined with a high tolerance, so the tank fits firmly in place, even when the base is not screwed in place, meaning you can turn the tank upside down and remove the base, with out having to drain the tank down.

The base its self features a gold plated 510 connection, set into the 22mm stainless steel base.


Running on either side of the base are two fully adjustable air flow slots measuring 1.5mm wide by 10mm long, with a stopper on each end. 


The air flow channels run directly up through the base, up underneath where the coil will be located through an extra wide 4mm air flow channel.


The deck section is well machined out of stainless steel,  with no sharpe edges. The Serpent Mini features a unquie two post design, with each post sitting either side of the 4mm air hole. With the positive post listed off the deck and insulated by German produced Peek insulator.

Rather than having post holes, the extra wide posts have slots cut into them, to allow the coil tails to simply be laid across them, before tightening them down with the grub nuts,


On either side of the air hole, machined into the deck are two large juice ports, with a slight stepping half way down. The chimney section, threads directly onto the deck, intersecting these juice ports, allowing the juice to wick freely,

The Serpent Build
The Serpent deck is really easy to build and wick, and I had zero issues setting it up. After taking the coil and flattening out the legs, and unscrewing the grub nuts, you can simply lay the coil out across the air hole, and whilst holding each coil tail, in line with the grub nut, you can tighten grub screw up, just being careful not to trap the tail underneath,

Once secured, you can snip the tails off, ensuring that you cut as close as you can post as possible, if not to interfere with the chimney section screwing down onto it.

The coil can then be pulsed, tweeted and set,  ensuring to keep the coil well spaced off the deck. To prevent shorting.


The wicking is simply a matter of threading your cotton through coil, keeping the cotton fluffed as possible.


I found it worked best trimming the cotton, in love be with the edge of the deck.


Once the cotton has been trimmed, I found it easier to juice the cotton up, and set in place before final trimming. Once the cotton has been laid into the juice ports


I found it wicked better. If the cotton sat just on the second lip in the juice port, just below the threading.

Once set and juiced, you can the screw on the the top section of the tank down onto the deck.

Once you have shut off the airflow, you can the unscrew the top cap and fill up the tank, then simple turn the tank up side down, before you re-open the airflow, to prevent any leakage.

Aesthetics and Build Quality

The Serpent Mini has a great look and feel, with its short stature, and well machined lines. Wotofo seem to be at the forefront of great RTA & RDA design. Taking ever greater steps forward, the tank and build deck design. The Serpent Mini is machined to a very high standard, with all components fitting together well, with the perfect level of tolerance.


Performance & Real World Experience
After vaping and reviewing the full size Serpent RTA, I was really looking forward to trying out the mini, to see if the reduction in size had in any way effected the amazing flavour that you get from the full sized version. 

With the mini , Wotofo seems to have combined both a great level of flavour, not to quite the same level as the full sized Serpent, with a great level of vapor product. Although I did find it quite a warm Vape due to the distance from the drip tip to the coil.

The new slotted build deck was not only easy to build on, but due to the width of the slots allowed for the install of some fat coils, such as Claptons and twisted coils.


I actually found it easier to install and work with thicker coils, as the thinner wire was slightly hard to get trapped by the grub screws. 

With the larger deeper juice ports, I did find that the Serpent Mini did suck through the juice, quite quickly, and found my self refilling it quite often, which itself isn't an issue, due to the ease of top filling. I found that the sweet spot for running the Serpent was between 35w to 40w, to keep the vapor at a comfortable temp, and to allow the juice enough time to wick. I had zero issues with dry hits or juice leakage,

I have been really impressed with the Wotofo range of products. And the Serpent Mini is no exception, well thought out, designed, with a cleverly designed build deck, that is perfect to build on. I would defiantly recommend this tank, great flavour, great designed single coiled tank.

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