Review of the UD Simba RTA


The guys over UD kindly sent out the all new Simba RTA, along with the other UD products free of charge for the purpose of this review.

About UD
Youde Technology Co. Ltd is located on the pleasant and inspiring coast line of the South China Sea. As one of the industry leaders we focus on the development, production and sales of electronic cigarettes and other accessories. Youde technology houses complete production facilities, a highly skilled marketing team and a product development team that are on the cutting edge of electronic cigarette design.  We are committed to creating electronic cigarettes of superior performance and great affordability. 

Along with the Simba they also sent out a selection of pre-made coil, a coiling kit  screwdriver set, delrin drip tips  and a SnapBack UD hat and vaping T-Shirt. Which will be reviewed at a later date.

The Simba arrived in a nice presentation box, with an image of the Simba RTA on the front of the box,  and the product QR code, scratch and Sniff on the back.


The top of the box slides off with ease, to reveal the RTA, snugly sitting, in a cut out foam tray.


The top foam tray lifts off, pulling the pull tab, to gain access to the rest of the kit, underneath.


The Simba kit is well stocked and includes

  • 1 x UD Simba Tank – 4.5ml (pre-installed )
  • 1 x 0.5ohm Kanthal A1 Ceramic cotton coil (CCC)
  • 1 X 0.5ohm SS316L solid ceramic coil (SCC)
  • 1 x RBA head
  • 1 x Pyrex Glass tank
  • 1 X Spare Bag.
  • 1 x Manual
Model : Simba
Manufacturer: Youde
Type : RTA
Body Material : Stainless Steel
Tank Material : Glass
Tank Capacity : 4.5ml
Air Flow Control : yes
Juice Control : Yes  
Coil Capacity : 0.5Ω CCC- A1 coil & 0.5 Ω SCC-SS316L coil & RBA head
Deck style : Velocity-design
Top Fill : Yes
Connection : 510 Brass (non-adjustable)
Width : 22mm
Height : Height:49mm (exclude drip tip & 510 connection
Weight : 166.9g
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The Simba comes in a choice of two finishes, either stainless steel or black, 


The Simba came complete straight out the box, mine had the CCC coil pre-installed, ready to juice and Vape.


The Simba easily breaks down into its component parts, for simple cleaning and maintenance.


The top cap has a removable 510 colour matched drip tip.


 The 510 drip tip , has an adjustable draw flow control, which allows you to adjust the flow of air through the drip tip. This is done by simply rotating the inner core of the drip tip. 

Rotating it from half open, through to closed off, even fully open, (half) I found it slightly restricted, and found myself accidentally adjusting it, when removing the top cap to fill up with juice.

The top cap, has a large rubber seal on the inside, to ensure a tight seal when when screwed down.

The top cap screws down securely onto the tank/chimney top plate, which has two kidney shape cut outs, which the juice is filled through.


The inner lip of the top plate, is threaded, which the chimney section threads into, to hold the tank together.

The chimney section,  has an oring located just below the top threaded to ensure a tight seal.


The chimney runs down to the base section of the tank, which has an oring installed at the base, which the glass sits down into.


The inner chimney has a spiral threaded machined into the inner tube, to assist with the vortex motion of the vapor, as it is drawn up the chimney.



The base section of the Simba, contains not only the air flow channels, but also a ceramic block at the base, to help disperse the heat from the 510 connection. Plus to collect any condensation that my gather beneaf the coil.


The Simba also features a ceramic condensation ring that doubles up as the airflow control ring, which is used to adjust the airflow.


The Simba comes with three coils included in the kit, to cover a wide range of vaping requirements


SCC Head – Solid Ceramic Coil, without cotton, available in Kanthal A1, Ni200, or Stainless Steel wire. 0.5-ohms. The one that came in my kit had SS316 wire installed
ROCC Head – Full Ceramic Coil with Dual Coils and Organic Cotton, available with Kanthal A1, Ni200, or Stainless Steel wire. 0.5-ohms - my came with Dual Kanthal A1
RBA – A full rebuildable deck capable of single coil builds. Based on a velocity style deck, which can be used in both single and dual coil mode, thanks to the ceramic blanking section.

Aesthetics and Build Quality

The Simba has a great look and feel to it, well designed and thought out, 


Both the top section, along with the base have well placed vertical machining slots, which allows you to get a great grip, when removing the top cap, or adjusting the air flow. The branding is kept to a minimum, and quite discreet, with the name plate and logo, engraved onto the inner chimney section.

Performance & Real World Experience
I have been using the Simba as my everyday work tank, for the last week, and can't really fault it, no leaking issues, easy to fill, producing a great level of flavour.
I have tried out each of the coils, that came in the kit.
The SCC Head – Solid Ceramic Coil, produced a clean crisp flavour, producing plenty vapor, although I did find the flavour a little dry, without the moist lushness that you would get from a standard cotton and coils. And when running at about 35w, I found the base section got mega hot, to hot to feel comfortable using it an sticking it back in my pocket.
ROCC Head – Full Ceramic Coil , the dual coil and cotton set up, is more in line with your standard coil, well laid out to allow for ample wicking through the massive juice holes in the side, full flavour, with a great amount of vapor. It also runs much cooler with this coil install. 
RBA Deck, - A great deck to build on, which tanks this tank to a whole new level, of flavour and vapor product, and allows the user, to develop and experiment with coiling as there skill grows.
Juice Control.
The Juice control, is one of the easiest I have come across, and is virtually automatic. The motion of unscrewing the top, whilst not holding the tank, shuts off the juice control, just before the top cap unscrews, and when filled as the top cap tightens, the last turn reopens the juice control, in one smooth motion, very clever, great design.
Airflow Control.
I did find that due to the airflow ring, sitting directly at the base, when tightened down onto a mod, it was quite tricky to adjust, without unscrewing the tank slightly. But once set, stayed in place, and allowed for great air-flow, I did find that I only really used it wide open. The air flow control, through the drip tip adjustment, I just found it to fiddly, and found my self having to readjust it every time I filled up the tank, due to accidently turning it. To the point that I just swapped it out for the standard drip tip.

I would defiantly be recommending this tank, for both new and old vapors. Very impressed with what came in the kick, and the fact that you get such a choice of coils, to suit all vaping styles. Great flavour, with great juice control.
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