Review of 20.03 Hrs by Generals Juices

The Team over at the Generals Juices camp kindly got in touch and sent out some of there new range juices free of charge for the purpose of these reviews.
About Generals Juices.
Before you undertake your mission to buy some of the best tasting e liquid that money can buy, you need to know who you’re dealing with. The General and his staff are based in Sussex, UK. We are a hard-working bunch of e liquid crafters and mixers who believe that it is our duty to bring amazing e liquid to the vaping community. Every single flavour has been tested, re-tested and then tested some more. After that, we do some more testing using titanium, magnets and other top secret military techniques… NASA, MI5 and the CIA have been trying to get hold of our recipes, but we are keeping them a closely guarded secret.
20:03 Hrs is described on the General Juices Website as follows:

"Synchronise watches soldier. Last time we checked, it was just before 8. It’s now just After….
This is a layered blend of chocolate and mint flavours that combine perfectly to give you the taste of that lovely square chocolate. Be warned though – The General hates it when you put the empty wrappers back in the box!!"

Juice Specification
PG/VG Ratios :  30%/70%

Nicotine Strenghts (MG) : 0,3,6,12 & 18mg
Bottle Size : 10, 30 & 50ml
Place Of Manufacture : U.K. 
Price From : £3.99

My Vaping Set up
Atomiser : Geek Vape Tsunami 24 (window)
Wick & Coil : Coilmaster Dual Clapton 26awg kendo cotton. @ 0.19ohm
Device : Cubiod @ 65w

On vaping 20.03hrs.
This cleverly labeled juice, taking its name, I believe from the time displayed on the clock on the Ater Eight Mints box.  Stands true to form,  The vaping experience seems to start even before you take your first inhale, as you raise the tank upto your lips, the proceeding sweet chocolatey mint around rises up through your nose. Sending your taste buds into anticipating overload.

This aroma is perfectly matched with the infusion of flavour that gently rushes in over your tongue as you inhale, sweet melted chocolate  unlike it namesake , I seem to get a milk chocolate, instead of dark, and has a real Liquid chocolate feel to it, similar to the type of consistency with dipping chocolate.  

This velvety smoothness, travels in on an airy wave of minty freshness, which along with the chocolate, has its own level of syrupy sweetness.

As you continue to inhale slowly  and draw out the flavour, the intensity of the mint grows, terminating is a sweetly solid, mint inspired throat hit, deeply satisfying, and exceedingly moorish.

The infused chocolate, hasn't  escaped, and seems to be released as you exhale, gliding out over the subdued mint layer, with its reinvigorated levels of sweetness, exiting with a lip licking sweet spot on the tip,of the tongue.

I have beefing vaping this juice over the last couple of days, and have been really enjoying it, with no apparent reduction in flavour. It's as if the minty addition, seems to reenergise the flavour with each Vape. A great all day Vape, with a great balance of flavour and sweetness.

MVR Score

Flavour : 8/10
Throat Hit : 8/10
Vapor Production : 8/10
Aroma : 9/10
Overal :  8/10

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