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The team over at kindly sent over this sweet looking mini mod free of charge for the purpose of this review,

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Who is Tesla?
Tesla e-Cig Group is a top branded electronic cigarette manufacturer in China  focusing on high quality,technologically advanced vape devices, and innovative designs.  We continually invest in research and development and quality control measures to ensure our products are not only safe but built to last.

Packaging & Presentation.
The Tesla Nano 60w TC is described as one of the most compact 60W mods on the market. and comes packaged in a clear plastic display case/stand.

On the reverse of the case it displays the contents of the kit, a saftey warning, and QR code .

The Mod is held in place by three rest stands, and secureed by a clear plastic screw that screws directly into the 510 connect. which can be easily unscrewed to remove the mod from the case.

 Once unscrewed the mod, can be removed and the rest of the kit accessed, which is stored underneath the display stand.

The Tesla Nano 60w TC kit includes:

1 x Tesla Nano 60W TC Mod
1 x Tesla USB Cable
1 x English User Manual 

The Mod its self comes in a choice of three colours

Silver, Blue and Black, kindly sent out the Blue one to me, which personally i think is the best of the three colours.


Name: Nano 60 W TC

Brand: Tesla 
Material: Zinc Alloy 
Mod Type: Temperature Control Mod,VV/VW Mod 
Wattage Range: 7-60W 
Temperature Control Range: 100 - 300C / 200 - 600F 

Minimum resistance (Wattage Mode) :  0.1ohms  
Minimum resistance (TCMode) : 0.5ohms

510 Connector Type: Spring Loaded 

Chip Set : tesla                                                   

Battery: 2 cell Li-Po battery rated at 3600mAh 
Battery Quantity: 2 pieces 
Charge way: Micro USB    

Mod size (L x W x H): 7.00 x 2.50 x 5.20 cm     
Mod weight: 0.210 kg  
Supplied by : 
Price : £28.43

Saftey Features.
The Tesla Nano 60W TC Box Mod has multiple protections built into the chipset 

Overvoltage protection - which allows the device to cut off charge fully charged.

Low resistance protection - will prevent the device from firing should you try and install a atomiser with a lower than recommended resistence.

Overheating protection - Will turn off the device should it get to hot whilst in use. 

Over Puff Protection - will only allow the device to be fired for a maximum of 10 seconds 

Short Circuit Protection - Will not fire the device should it detect a short with the atomiser.

Auto Power Adjustment - The device will reduce the power output towards the later part of the battery life, to ensure that the battery health is maintained.

Amp Limited - The devices built in battery has an Amp limit of 25A to ensure a safe vaping experience.

The Body
The Tesla Nano 60 TC comes ready to vape, with about half charge, as with all of the My Vaping Reviews, we will start by looking around the whole mod in detail, before seeing how it vapes and performs.

The Tesla Nano 60w TC mod features a fully Zinc alloy sculpted body, which has been coated using advanced drawbench+vacuum UV craft for a scratch resistance finish. finished with a premium high temperature baked finish which produces a superior glossy shine.

The Nano features an almost sculptured body, ergonomically designed to fit perfectly into the hand. 

Tesla have put a lot of thought into how the mod sits in the hand, The curved back bone of the device flows down to the base, where the corner has been cut off, to allow it to sit perfectly in the palm of your hand, whilst operating the top mounted fire button.

The bottom of the device slopes down, incorporating a number of battery venting holes.

Leading through to the 5v/2A Mirco USB socket, to allow for rapid charging of the internal battery. One of my only con's of the whole device is that they choose to locate the USB socket on the base rather than on the side or front panel, meaning that you have to keep removing the atomiser, and laying it down on its side to charge. plus i also find that USB sockets, located on the base, always seem to get a little more clogged up.

The front edge of device features the OLED screen, which has been sculpted into the front face of the device, still leaving its flowing curves at the top and bottom.

Although the dark screen section measure just over 1cm wide by 3cm deep, when the display is lit, you can see the the OLED part of it, only uses the middle section of it,

Only actually measuring 0.5cm x 1.8cm, meaning you end up with quite a small compact display, it would have been nice if they had  managed to fit in a larger more spread out display, similar to the type found on the Evic. with the display running horizontally rathher than vertically.

The screen although small manages to display all the relevant information in one place. Battery Bar, Atomiser Resistance, Voltage draw, and wattage set.

Although I found the display easy to read indoors, you do start to struggle to read it when out side in bright sun light.

Control Switches
Located above the screen at the two control buttons, which have an almost ball bearing type feel to them, with a realy nice high quality, click to them. 

The two control switches are used to adjust your wattage or temp, aswell as to lock and unlock the power setting (Right button and fire) which is strangely different to the instructions.

when you reach 60w, one more press of the (+) button will switch it into Mech mode, which will then bypass any set wattage, and just deliver voltage straight from the battery. whilst still offering you the pre-stated saftey features of the Telsa.

Fire Button
The Fire button is unusually located on the top of the device, on the slanted edge flowing down from the 510 connection.

The oversized button, is raised up off the top, and has a wide press ange, allowing you to operate it from any angle or area of the button.

Pressing the fire button five times, puts the device into lock mode, from the lock mode you can press and hold both of the control buttons, which allows you to enter into the temp adjust screen, 

510 Connection 
The Telsa Nano 60w TC features a Spring loaded 510 connection. 

with a silver plated brass center pin, for a good level of conductivity. on your choosen atomizer.

Build Quality and Atheistic's 
The Tesla Nana, is built and machined to a very high standard, with a great ergonomic design, that just makes you want to pick it up and hold it, and is ultra comfy in the hand, with no sharp edges.


When held gripped in the hand, the fire button, is perfectly located for either your thumb, placed directly on top, with the screen facing you, or when the rotated around, with the screen facing away, you can wrap your trigger finger wrapped over to top, which is my preferred style., the cut off bottom corner, rests comfortably in to the palm of your hand.
When held in the hand, the compact size, allows for your fingers to wrap fully around the body, and comfortably rest in the cut out were the screen sits

The cleverly designed to lip of the body, slightly flair out the base of the 510 base, allowing you to attach atomisers upto 25mm. Which when installed look mint,

The Zinc Alloy Body with baked on coating, has stood up really well over the last 10 days, with no chips or scratches to date, even around the 510 connection, when screwing on the atomiser.

The Solidly placed control buttons, and fire switch, have a great feel to them with zero button rattle.

Real Life Experiences
I was really looking forward to getting my hands on this mod, as I had been seeking a new small sized mod, with an good sized internal battery, and just loved the look of this mod, with its top fire location. 

The Tesla Nana, has been a pleasure to use, it just fits so well in your hand, and 60 watts is plenty of power for every day vaping, and performs as well with a Dripper as it does with a tank. I'm really glad the have made it wide enough to hold the newer wider atomisers. Such as the all new Tsunami 24, and the Griffin 25.


Battery life, was less than I thought it would be, at higher wattages, 50-60w, where I found that I could get it to last about 3/4 of the day with average vaping, or about 1/2 half a day, on heavier vaping. Which when you put into prospective with its size, is impressive.

The power that it delivers I found instant, with very little sigh of any ramp up. And the 0.1ohm resistance bar, allows for you to stick some fat builds on you deck, 

The every day set up I have been using with it is, pairing it up with the Toronto Nano, great set up, Stella performance.

I would defiantly recommend the Tesla Nana 60w TC, for its stylish looks, and faultless performance, the only things I think I would change would be, moving the USB socket, and making the screen display a bit bigger, to fill the space

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