Review of the Wotofo Troll V2 RDA


The Team over at Wotofo keep madly sent out the newly updated Troll V2 RDA free of charge for the purpose of this review.

"The Wotofo Troll V2 is the modern day evolution of the Troll RDA. It is the follow-up to the Troll RDA while featuring larger terminals, a deeper juice well and more airflow-control settings. In conjunction with the more than capable build deck, the Troll V2's airflow systems and the wide bore competition cap specifically cater to cloud chasers, providing a smooth and rapid experience that is near unrivaled. You get tons of airflow with two alternate settings-dual horizontal and dual slanted airflow slots-to allow for either flavor or clouds. Opening up the slanted slots results in tons of vapor production and the horizontal slots are said to provide better flavors. In addition, the dual posts on the Velocity style deck feature massive 2.7mm dual wire holes to allow for larger builds. These terminals will fit any size wire you can throw at them. Besides, the juice well has also been made deeper and comes in at a humongous 10mm to prevent the need for constant dripping. With one of the most capable overall systems on the market within its form factor class, the Wotofo Troll V2 RDA is a no holds barred competition platform built to outperform nearly all of the competition. "

The Troll V2 comes packaged is a brightly coloured box, with a slide over cover, featuring the distinctive Troll logo on the front of the box.


Once the sleeve is removed, you discover the RDA tightly set in packing foam..


Once the Troll V2 have been pulled out you can start removing the rest of the included kit.

The Wotofo Troll V2 kit includes the following items 

1 x Wotofo The Troll V2 RDA Atomizer, 
1 x Extra Big Drip Tip ( 17mm ), 
1 x Screwdriver, 
4 x Screw,
 10 x Insulated Ring, 
1 x O-ring, 
3 x Coils
1 x Cotton Pad

Type: Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser
Brand: Wotofo
Model: The Troll V2
Available color: Black,Silver
Deck : Velocity Style
Airflow : Adjustable
Connection:  Gold Plated Adjustable 510
Material: Stainless Steel
Overall Diameter: 22m
Height : 40 mm
Weight : 0.035 kg
Price : $34.99

The Wotofo Troll V2 comes in a choice of either Black or stainless steel.


The Wotofo Troll V2 comes fully assembled with the standard drip tip installed ready for you to stick a build in, after a quick clean.  For the purpose of this review we will strip it down into its component part  before we build it back up, build on it, before we have a Vape.


Drip Tips 
Starting at the top, the Troll V2 comes with a choice of two drip tips included in the kit.


The standard drip tip machined out of stainless steel, with a outer diameter of 15mm across, which tappers down to around 5mm inner bore, sitting only 7.2mm tall, it has a nice low profile, with a well crafted rounded top edge which feels great in the month.

The underneath of the drip tip is hollowed out, to help with heat dispersion. And is held snugly in place by two fat o-rings.

The second drip tip included delrin wide bore chuff cap style. Which is installed directly into the top cap.


As wide as it is tall, measuring a massive 17.2 across, offering a cloud chasing draw when installed.

When installing the standard drip tip, you need to plug in the 510 delrin drip tip Adaptor.


Which press fits directly into the top cap / Air flow Control .


Top Cap.
The cap has a 4mm exposed section, which sits of the out of the top of the chamber, which has some well machines angled knarling, which assists with adjusting the airflow and removing the top cap. 


Just below the wide sealing oring is the airflow control sleeve, 9mm deep,  with 4 sets of air flow slots, A pair of 3 horizontal slots, each slot 6mm X 1mm which is designed for flavour, and a pair of 3 diagonal 6mm X 1mm slots, designed for increased Vapor.

The Top cap press fits snugly fly into the main chamber body.

The stainless steel chamber, measuring 22mm wide by 22.2mm wide, with the distinctive Troll logo engraved nicely onto one side.


Either side of the logo are located the massive outer air flow slots,, slanted 5mm across, by 5mm tall, sitting 11.9mm above the base of the chamber.


Inside the chamber the upper  section, is slightly recessed to allow the top cap and air flow sleeve to fit inside,  


The top cap and airflow sleeve, snaps tightly into chamber, held in place by the oring, which offers the just amount of resistance, when adjusting and fine tuning the airflow.


510 Connection,
The Wotofo Troll V2 features a gold plated fully adjustable 510 connection, 


The gold plated centre pin, can be adjusted through reverse threading it back out of the peak insulted T threading.

Build Deck.
The Wotofo Troll V2 features one of the largest juice wells, measuring a full 10mm deep. The stainless steel juice well is surrounded by three large o-rings, which hold the chamber firmly in place.


The Troll V2 has a Dual post Velocity style deck, with the negative post machined into the wall of the juice well.


With the positive L shaped post sitting on top of the Peek insulator  Wotofo have managed to fit massive 2.7mm post holes, which will allow you to fit even the largest builds into this dripper.


Your Coils will be held firmly in place by the grub screws, I have had no issues with the screws stripping out, and just in case they have supplied spares, I case lost or stripped.


The Wotofo Troll V2 Build.
To test out the Troll V2 I decided to use the supplied spaced twisted coils and cotton.


The Velocity Style deck is a breeze to build on, and the coils fitted with ease.


And sit nice and high off the deck, lining up with the airflow slots. Cutting two 5mm strips of cotton off, I left the cotton long, due to the depth of the juice well.


Roughly lining them up with the base of the deck, before cutting them off. Then after fluffing, simply poked them down into the juice well.


Aesthetics & Build Quality
The Wotofo Troll V2 has faultless build quality, machined to a very high standard, with great attention to detail, no sharpe edges, with precise tolerances. They have taken the very popular well designed original troll, and made some great improvements,  with the deeper juice well, and improved airflow and drip tip selection,

The Troll V2 has a great look and feel to it, with clean lines, and simple design, which looks at home on top of any mid.

Sitting just 35mm tall when installed it is well scaled,  the low profile drip tip, is quite short, and you do find yourself resting the edge lips on the top cap, which some people may have an issue, with and may want to swap it out, for one of there own,

Real World Performance 

I was a bit sceptical of the two different air flow opinions, as they were both very similar, but I must admit they do defiantly seem to perform differently, and you defiantly seem to get more flavour from the horizontal airflow slots. And increased Vapor out of the slanted, the slanted slots, seem to generate more of a vortex type motion with the chamber . 

The deeper 10mm juice well, is a great improvement. And enhances to the overall vaping experience, and allows you to drip with confidence, not worrying about over filling or flooding the coils. And with the coils and airflow slots sitting so high, I have had zero issues with leakage when tilting to Vape. 


I found the standard drip tip the perfect for both vaping and dripping, wide enough to allow you to drip directly through the drip tip,  whilst narrow enough to prevent any spit back.

The build deck is super simple to build on, and extreme enough to fit the fastest builds you can imagine.

This really is a great little dripper, whether you are just starting out with building and dripping, or the more experienced Vapor, looking for a RDA to blow massive clouds, I wouldn't  hesitate in recommending the Wotofo Troll V2.

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