Review of the IJOY Limitless RDTA Plus from Heaven Gifts

The team over at Heaven Gifts very kindly sent out the newly released and update IJOY Limitless RDTA Plus.

Based on the the original Limitless RDTA, IJOY have listened to the feed back from there customers and made number of improvements to the orginal version, to create the PLUS.

NEW - Increase the atty to 25mm,
NEW - Increase tank capacity to 6.3ml
NEW - Included replacement smoked glass
NEW - Upgraded the two post design
NEW - Coloured Philips screws
NEW - 510 Delrin Adaptor
NEW - Increased post holes to 2.5ml
NEW - Increased post width to 11mm
NEW - Included a single coil plus.

The IJOY Limitless RDTA Plus comes nicely packaged in a plastic case, with cardboard sleeve.

The Sleeve features the paisley design running down the edges, along with the Limitless logo and branding, and cut out window. The rear of the box gives a brief description of the RDTA, and its features.

The sleeve simply slides off to reveal the rest of the contents of the box.

The contents of the kit are well packaged in foam, to prevent any damage.

The kit includes the following items.

1 x Limitless RDTA Plus
1 x extra glass tube (smoky grey color)
1 x screwdriver
1 x Spare parts poly-bag
2 x Clapton Coils

Limitless RDTA Plus Spares kit

Pair of Clapton Coils, which are included in the kit.

The Limitless RDTA Plus comes in a choice of colours, to suit your every mood.

Model : Limitless Plus
Manufacturer: Ijoy
Type : Genisis Style RDTA
Body Material : Stainless Steel
Tank Material : Glass
Tank Capacity : 6.3ml
Air Flow : Dual Top Airflow
Air Flow Control : Yes
Coil Capacity : Dual
Deck style : Velocity Style
Connection : Gold Plated Contact Pin
Width : 25mm
Height : 61.5 (excluding Drip Tip)

Price : £34.03
15% Discount Code : AMVRDISCOUNT

The Limitless Plus RDTA comes fully assembled, but for the purpose of this review we will break it down into its compenent parts before we build it back up, stick a build in it and see how it vapes.

The Limitless Plus RDTA easily breaks down for cleaning and building,

Top Cap & Drip Tip
The Plus comes with an included wide bore delrin drip tip, pre-installed,

which is held very securely in place with a couple of fat o-rings.

The kit also includes a 510 drip tip adapter,  which simple press fits into the top cap, to allow you to install your own 510 drip tip.

The drip tip fits directly into the top cap which also acts as an adjustable airflow control ring.

The stainless steel air-flow section of the top cap, has plastic/delrin section which is bonded on, the black plastic has some really nice cross hatching running around the outter edge, which is perfect to ease adjusting the airflow, when the top cap is in place.

There are two thin o-rings running around the AFC ring, which firmly holds the top cap in place, allowing you to pick the atty and mod up, by the top cap, with out if pulling out, really is machined to within a perfect tolerance.

There are two large slots cut out of the top cap, which allow precise control of the air-flow, when it is installed on top of the main chamber.

Chamber Section.
The chamber section is what gives the Limitless RDTA its deistinctive look, and is machined out of stainless steel, and then powder coated on the outside, with a matt finish, and overlaid with the paisley pattern, and limitless logo and branding.

It has two large airflow slots on either side, which line up directly next to the coils, and can then be opened and closed by rotating the top cap section. The chamber press fits down onto the filling ring, firmly held in place by two more o-rings, which allows the chamber and top cap to pushed and pulled on and off with a satisfying amount of force.

Filling Ring.
The cleverly designed filling ring is one of the parts of the design which i feel sets this RDTA apart from all others i have tired.

Its seamlessly joins together to the chamber and deck, by threading down onto the base of the build deck, but can be easily removed when adding a build and wicking.

it has a large cut out on one side, which when installed on the build deck sits just below the deck, between the wicks, and allows you to effortlessly and quickly fill up the tank, no fiddly, holes, or parts to unscrew. very clever and well thought out. You can then either remove the top cap when filling, or simply slide it up to reveal the fill hole.

They have even put a little juice band on the lower ring, to indicate where to fill.

Base Section & Build Deck.

The base section and build deck come as one complete section, which if you wanted to, could be taken apart, but i haven't tried.

underneath it features a fully adjustable510 connection with gold plated center pin, with peak insulation.

The colour coded base section, features two large orings running around the outer lip, which the tank section pushes down onto, creating a tight seal.


The increase tank capacity, is gained, by hollowing out the base section, the raised base lip and double oring set up, also gives the tank section a great amount of stability, allow you to keep the tank firmly in place, with the fill ring removed, when rewicking, which is a great feature.

The thick inner post  housing the positive post runs up through the tank seemlessly machined into the base of the build deck.

The cross shaped build deck, has large wicking cut outs located either side of the threaded sections, which allow for great juice flow, as well as plenty of room for air movement, which are both required for a great vaping experience.

The perfectly space velocity style deck gives plenty of room for even the fattest builds, with a massive 11mm post gap, and 2.5mm post holes. IJOY have used cross head screws on the top and recessed cross head screws in the sides, which I find better to use over the slightly fiddly grub nuts. I have had no issues with the screws backing off, or nipping off the wires.
The slight raised lip on the the threaded section, channel any excess juice back into the tank.

Tank Section
The Limitless Plus comes with two Pyrex tanks included in the kit, one clear (pre-installed) and one smoked glass.


The tank pushes snugly down onto the base section,


The Fill ring then just threads down on top of the tank, finger tight, lining up the fill hole between the wick holes, I found the fill hole actually gives you extra grip, when unscrewing it.


The chamber then can just push down over the top of the deck and fill ring.


The the top cap can then be fitted,many air slot aligned.

Limitless RDTA Plus Build.

The Limitless Plus is a real joy to build on, it's a real confidence building atty. for those vapors that are new to geni style tanks.

Once the top cap, chamber, and juice fill ring have been removed, the deck is clear and open to build on.


Once the screws are loosened off, you can easily install the first coil, through the 2.5mm post holes.


At this point you can choose to leave it as a single coil build, by cutting off the coil tails, and installed the rubber block on the other side, which is held in place with the wick ports.


I found the best flavour and performance comes from the dual coil set up.


Once the coils are set, your ready to wick, I find I get the best result, with having the wick running down , just below the top of the glass section of the tank.


The wicks can then be laid into the wicking ports, tucking the tails down into the top of the tank.


With the Ickes in place, you can screw down the filling ring , avoiding the cotton going into the threading.


The cotton, will be then sitting just at the top of the tank.


You can the fill her up, and prime the coils,


Once juiced you can simply slide on the chamber and top cap.


Aesthetics & Build Quality
I love the look of this RDTA, it's perfectly sized and looks amazing on top of any mod, it has a faultless design, with high quality machining. The design work on the chamber really makes this tank stand out from the crowd. IJOY have dramatically improved on the first limitless RDTA, and as far as RDTA this must be near perfection.


Real world Performance 
The Limitless RDTA Plus, is not only great to look at, but performs amazingly.. You get all the flavour of a top class dripper, with the convenience of a tank, with no reduction in flavour.  The huge airflow slots, allow for an impressive amount of through airflow, resulting in a stunning amount of vapor production,

I have been using this tank constantly for about 3 weeks, and have had zero issues with it, no leakage at all, and no dry hits, not even one, which is normally the issue with this style of tank. 

The 6.3ml tank,mallows for plenty of vaping between fills,Mandy even when it get low, filling is a breeze, just pop off the chamber, and fill her up.

This is by far the best RDTA that I have had the pleasure of reviewing, and is my go to tank, as far as RDTA's go, I'm not sure how you would improve on it. I really can't recommend it enough, you have got to get one, you won't be disappointed .

If you want to try one out head on over to and use my 15% Off Discount code 'AMVRDISCOUNT '

MVR Score 10/10