Guest Post - 5 of the Hottest Female Vaping Models


I’ve been looking forward to writing this article, mainly because I know how significant  women’s roles are becoming in the vaping industry. There are a substantial amount of unfortunate people who are still trapped in the dark ages who believe that vaping (just as smoking once was) is a male dominated activity and the only women that should participate in this industry are the bikini clad women used in the marketing ads. However, recent statistics have indicated that women make up 53% of vapers in the UK - over a million females have given up their cancer sticks for e-cigarettes  Which is a remarkable and impressive figure, implicating that despite such nonsense, we simply don’t give a damn and have proceeded to change our lifestyle through vaping regardless! Let’s keep it up, ladies. 

Of course, there is still a massive role for women to play in the visuals of the industry, not only to encourage men to turn to vaping, but to empower women to do the same too. A female is more likely to quit smoking and turn to vaping if she see’s another strong female doing it, as opposed to seeing a ‘sexy’ male advertisement. Perhaps this is something to do with our innate empathy system which allows us to relate better to seeing females in industry positions than our opposing genders. Besides, though the industry is now expanding with women opening their own vaping companies and advocating the hobby through blogs and Vlogs, we still do a pretty good job of looking awesome next to a vaping device… so the models are encouraging our empowerment just as much as the businesswomen. 
It’s time to celebrate the human body, and all we have to offer in an industry that was previously male dominated. So here are 5 of the hottest vaping models in no particular order…

Elysia Alessia
Adorned in beautifully intricate tattoos and iconic with her thick lashes and Rapunzel-like blonde hair, the Birmingham bombshell is a serious industry model in the making. Interested in photoshoots, promo work and creative collaborations, Elysia is a headstrong woman determined to innovate in her field.

Shy Kane
The incredible Asian model and promoter, Shy Kane, is in fact anything but shy. Her Instagram page is full of stunning vape photography showing off her enviable assets and flawless skin. Describing herself as a ‘Conscious young visionary’ and a ‘Vegan Mama’ this beauty is causing a stir in the world of clouds!

Pandora Blue
Promoter and model, Pandora Blue is a colourful and charismatic woman known for her quirky electric blue hair, radiant features and vibrant body art. Based in Orlando, USA, the vaping sensation claims that she is “inspired by all the beautiful models in the world; beauty is an art and that’s what inspires me to model.”

Jessica Weaver
Business owner and model Jessica Weaver goes by the Instagram name JessiCakes33 after her clothing company Cake’D. The drop-dead gorgeous blonde from LA began her affordable women’s clothing and lifestyle brand in a bid to keep our sexuality, humour and fantasies alive. A beautiful woman with a powerful vision and a great taste in e-liquids.

Camille Winans
PR Director and model at Buckshot Vapors, Camille Winans is the ultimate, fuchsia-haired lady boss. As a new mother and businesswoman Camille handles her lifestyle effectively whilst still being able to turn heads and drop jaws with her incredible style.

Guest Post Written and Supplied By 
Grey Haze