Review of the Arymi One Starter Kit from Vape Store U.K.


The team over at Vape Store UK, are always looking at helping as many people as possible to make the switch from smoking to Vaping, and with that in mind they kindly sent over the Arymi One starter kit free of charge for the purpose of this review

The Arymi One Starter Kit from Kanger is a fantastic all-in-one device that is perfect for anyone looking to make the switch over to vaping. An all in one device with a high capacity battery and built in Arymi Armor tank contained within a slim body with a one button design that make it easy to use and transport.

The Arymi One comes nicely packaged in a cardboard presentation box, with an image of device on the front, just below the branding.


When you remove the lid, you get your first glance on the kit.


The starter kit includes.

1 x Kanger Arymi One
1 x CHC SS316L 0.5ohm Atomizer Head
1 x Set of Spare O-Rings
1 x Micro USB Cable


The starter kit is available in a choice of three colours.

Black, White and Silver.


Model: Arymi One
Material : Stainless Steel 
Tank :integrated Arymir Armor Tank
Atomiser Head : CHC SS316L 0.5ohm with integrated drip tip.
Tank Capacity : 3ml
Airflow : Dual - intergrated into drip tip.
Adjustable Airflow : No
Filling Method : Top Fill.
Battery : Built-in 2300 mAh Battery
Charging : Mirco USB
Dimensions : 5-3/4" x 7/8" (Including Drip Tip)
Diameter : 22mm 
MRRPPrice : £40
VSUK Price : £28
Available at :

Build in safety Features:
  • Short Circuit Protection - should there be a issue with the coil, the device will cut out, and power off.
  • Over-Charge Protection - When the device is fully charged, it will power off and stop charging automatically.
  • Over-Use Protection - Will power off the device after the Fire Button is pressed for 10s.

The Arymi One is a complete unit, with the battery and tank all integrated into one unit, which is perfectly uncomplicated for the beginner, just starting out using mods and tanks, the only thing that you need to do when you get it out of the box, is put your chosen juice into the tank and install the coil/drip tip.

Arymir Armor Tank
The tank section it's self is none removable, so you won't be able to switch out the thank on this device, as it is an integral part, on a positive note, in doing so , they have strengthened up the mod, as you do tend to find that the 510 connection on some of the entry level starter kits, is the weakest part of the mod, and you do tend to find that they can easily snap in the pocket. Plus it takes away the ability for the beginner to miss match tank and battery.

The tank section can be broken down for cleaning purposes, by simply unscrewing the top cap and sliding the glass tank up over the o-rings, leaving only the cage section remaining.


When the glass and top cap are re-installed, it creates a cup style leakproof tank, completely sealed off at the bottom, with all the airflow coming from the intergrated atomiser/drip tip.

Atomiser Head & Drip Tip
This device comes with a uniquely designed atomiser head, with the new e-cig user in mind. The Atomiser head is intergrated into the drip tip, to allow you to install and remove without ever having the touch the juice covered coil.


Unlike other e-cigs the coil doesn't have to be threaded into that battery contact, which can be a Sauce of leaking, instead as you insert it into the tank, and tighten down the drip tip, it makes contact with the positive terminal located at the base of the tank.


The atomiser is constructed using refined Japanese cotton and 316L Stainless Steel coil, with a resistance of 0.5ohm, which is suitable to run at between 15-50w.

Air Flow. 
The airflow on this tank is located within the base of drip tip, with two none adjustable slots on either side, giving quite a wide open draw,  which may be to airy for the newer vapor, as it seemed to give a direct lung hit. 


But as the airflow is within the replaceable atomiser/drip tip, I would imagine that you will be able to purchase different styles of atomiser/drip tips, with varying levels of airflow.

A pack of four replacement Coils seems to be priced at around £9.99 per pack, so about £2.50 per coil. Each coil would normally last about a week, so the replacement pack will last you about a month, you will know when you need to change the coil, as you the flavour will start to become muted, or you will begin to get a bit of a burn taste.

Battery Body.
The stainless steel powder coated body of the Arymi One houses the 2300 mAh Battery, which is one of the largest batteries I have come across in a starter kit, (the higher the mAh rating, the longer the battery will last) this battery will defiantly last you all day, of steady Vaping if not two days, depending on usage.

The battery and device is controlled by the fire button, which is lush to the body.


Five clicks of the fire button turns the device on and off.

When the fire button is pressed, the back lite LED glows white, to indicate it is working.


Just to the right of the fire button, is the micro USB socket, which is used to charge the device when required. (note: the device should not be charged unattended)


It should be charged using the supplied USB charging cable that comes in the kit.


It's nice to see on such a slick looking device they have kept the branding quite subtle, the just the name of the kit on one side and the brand logo on the other.


On the bottom of the device are a small holes in a circle, which are known as battery vent holes, should the internal battery has an issues, it has somewhere for the gases to vent, in the unlikely event, just get the device as far from you as possible and allow it to vent.

Build Quality and Atheistic's 
This device has a great look and feel to it, and I must say for a starter kit, it has a real 'Mod' and 'tank' feel to it, with its fat 22mm diameter fat, and wide bore delrin style drip tip.


Vaping it has a nice weight to it, and defiantly feels nice a solid.

Real Life Experiences.
I have reviewed quite a few starter kits over the years, and some do leave you less than satisfied, speaking as an experienced vapor. But I must say I was really impressed with the performance of the Arymi One, possibly due to the performance of the 0.5ohm coil, and wide open air flow. It all felt quite natural and well thought out.

I found the airflow a bit strange to start with , having it drawing in air virtually across you lips, and I did find that you ended up blocking of the airflow, if you put the drip tip to far into your mouth.

The tank and coil set up, has been really well thought out,  the fact that you can change the coil out without getting juice all over your hands


I was impressed with the flavour that you get from this starter kit, in line with some more advanced tank set ups. Combined with a satisfying amount of vapor. An impressive little kit.

As a starter kit, I don't think you can go far wrong with the Arymi One, simple to use, with great flavour and a good level of vapor product. 

I really can't believe how far starter kits have come, from the ego style ones it started on, 

If your quitting smoking, or just started out on your Vaping journey, it's defiantly worth investing a little more money and getting a kit that performs and will satisfy your Vaping needs.

The only negatives I can find with the kit, is the fact that they only included one coil, they should at least include a spare one.  And the fact that the fire button is a little to flush fitting, and can be a little tricky to find with your fingers.

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