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The team over at kindly sent over the Therion DNA 75 free of charge for the purpose of this review. sell a wide range of quality Vape gear, at very competitive prices with free shipping.

The Therion DNA 75 is described on the Gear Best website as follows:

The Lost Vape Therion DNA75 TC box mod is the first dual 18650 platform to be utilized in an Evolv's DNA75 integrated system, combining an ergonomic portable form factor with beautiful genuine leather wrapped battery cover and stunning wood panels for a beautifully machined chassis. 

It features a dual 18650 battery driven design that allows the most popular battery size to be used with Evolv's newest DNA75 intelligent chipset, allowing unprecedented convenience when using a DNA internal board. Built with usability and performance in mind, the device integrates the revolutionary Evolv's DNA75 chipset, able to drive up to 75W with an incredible 85 percent efficiency ratings and sophisticated customization ranging from full temperature regulation to personalized screen options. 

From the storied tradition of Lost Vape to create the most beautiful and functional DNA devices, the Lost Vape Therion DNA75 Box Mod is an excellent performance device with nearly unmatched portability in its class 

The Therion comes really nicely packaged in a black cardboard presentation box, the box has detailed images on the device on the front. The back of the box, has details of what is included in the kit, and the basic specifications of the device.

The lid of the box is hinged at the back, and opens up to vertical, where it is the stopped by two little ribbon straps. Once opened it reveals the kit set securely in its cut out foam padding.

The kit includes the following items.
1 X Lost Vape Therion DNA 75
1 X Retractable micro USB cable
1 X Instruction manual.


The Therion comes in a choice of different colour styling, effectively the mod is exactly the same, with different interchangeable leather covered magnetic battery door coverings.


Model Name : Therion 75 DNA
Manufacturer: Lost Vape
Main material : Leather,Wood,Zinc Alloy 
Type : Variable Wattage / Temperature Control Mod 
Chip: Evolv DNA75 Chipset
Supports:  Ni200 Nickel, Titanium, and stainless steel coil
Atomiser Connection: Spring-loaded Nickel plated brass 510 connection, with stainless steel 510 thread point
Atomiser Connector Diameter Max : 26mm
Display : 25mm X 10mm OLED screen
Charging : external & Micro USB
Adjustable voltage range: 0.6 - 6V 
APV Mod Wattage: 1w - 75W 
Temperature Control Range: 200 - 600F
Min. Kanthal resistance: 0.25ohm
Min. temperature resistance: 0.15ohm
Battery Size:  Dual 18560
Size : : 2.40 x 4.70 x 8.80 cm
Product weight: 0.173 kg
Price: £101.31 / $129.00

For the purpose of this review we will be taking a detailed look at the Therion DNA75, before I give you my thoughts on the device, how it looks, feels and most importantly performs.

The body.
The Therion's chassis has been precisely machined out of a high quality zinc alloy. With two distinct body sections.

The internal section which seems to be powder coated, which fits seamlessly into the immaculately fished brushed zinc alloy. The two sections are held together by the four polished highly detailed flat top grub screws, that adds a really nice level of detailing.


 The thing that sets this mod apart from the rest, and turns it from every day mod to a thing of desire. Is the luxurious materials Lost Vape have used to finish the mod.


The Ebony wood inlays remind me remind of the wood inlays that you get on luxury cars, and it adds a real touch of class. Especially which combined with the soft tough genuine real leather, that is perfectly wrapped around the the removable battery door.


The detailing that has gone into this body section, is faultless, it has a nice industrial feel to it, with each section of the body seamlessly flowing into the next, with no rough or sharp edges.


Battery Compartment.
The battery compartment hold two 18650 batteries (not included), and is covered with matching zinc alloy curved battery cover, which is perfectly wrapped in soft touch genuine real leather, which gives an amazing grip and feel whilst holding the mod.

The battery door is held firmly in place by one magnet at the top of the door.


The bottom section of the door is held firmly in place with a sprung loaded ball bearing, which shuts the door with a firm shap.


The battery tray is very clean and uncluttered, and the high level of attention to detail, continues inside and out. 


The plastic battery tray is defiantly a tight fit, with the two 18650's, and the first time you install the batteries it is a bit fiddle to get the first one in, but after you have installed them once or twice it's not an issue.


Since the batteries both go in plus side up in this parallel setup, it differs from most devices on the market that have a series orientation. Even though there are protection systems in place that prevent potential failures from occurring, it’s important to pay attention to the correct battery orientation and understand battery safety. The Therion does have the plus and minus symbols clearly marked in the battery bay to avoid misinterpretation.

The batteries are easily removed by simply pulling the battery tab.

Due to the tight fit of the batteries, and firm hold of the magnet and spring clip, as expected there is zero battery or door rattle from the Therion.

510 Connection.
The Therion features an exquisitely machined 510 connection, with the housing and threading is machined out of high grade Stainless steel, which is buttery smooth when threading your atomiser on. Combined with a nickel plated brass 510 pin for great connection.


 The spring loaded centre pin has a good level of travel,  although when pressed with a screwdriver is slightly on the stiff side, but with might loosen up over time. I have had had no issues installing any of my atomisers. The deck of the 510 connection, will happily house atomisers upto 25/26mm with no overhang or wobble.

The Therion logo is delicately engraved on the top of the device, once again done to a very high standard.


Controls & Display.
Perfectly set in the face plate of the device are the controls and display for the TherionThe fire button and up/down buttons are machined out of matching Zinc Alloy,  and the placement is easy to find with the hand, as they pertrude just the right amount. With no button whatsoever  The buttons are large and operate very smoothly, with a high quality click. which really makes this device comfortable to use for long periods of time. 


These beautifully crafted  9.5mm fire button and 5.5mm up and down buttons is the ‘attention to detail‘ you would expect from a device of this caliber.

I also really like the tiny little LED light that sits underneath the fire button, that illuminates green when you fire the device, and also illuminates red whilst charging via the micro USB.


This OLED screen is paired with all DNA boards it's  bright, easy to read and simple to navigate. It displays all the relevant information that you will need.


Battery bar indicator 
Coil resistance 
Temp setting
Coil type

Pressing the fire button 5 times will completely lock / unlock the device, disabling all buttons and function.  Whist the up/down buttons not only allow you to control the wattage & tempature, when press together they lock in the selected setting.  And whilst locked, pressing either button allows you to enter into the DNA preset menus. 

The Therion comes with the following presets pre-installed:

SS316, Titanium 1, SS304, SS316L, SS430, No Preheat Nickel 200 , Kanthal.

These can all be altered and configured, along with fonts, logo and display layouts, using the Escribe software.

Build Quality and Atheistic's 
The Therion  has impeccable build quality, the team over at Lost Vape have really surpassed themselves, the Therion DNA75 is a true example of a vaping masterpiece!  It really is a thing of beauty, with all the tactical Premium materials that have been used to construct this device,


 I find my self between Vapes, sitting there holding it, stroking the soft Premium leather and wood inserts. When you get it out of the box it even has a luxury premium smell to it.

In my humble opinion, the the Therion DNA75's build quality is absolutely faultless, just a stunning.

Real Life Experiences.
The Therion DNA 75 is a complete joy and pleasure to use to use, when combined with your favourite Atomiser, you are getting close to Vaping Perfection, the Escribe software allows for an unrivaled level of customisation of your Vaping experience, personalising every minute detail.

Even with the out of the box DNA pre-sets, the performance of the mod, was spot on. Perfect delivery of power to the coil, with no noticeable power lag and every single Watt getting put across your Coils.

I found that the power range of this device 1-75w covered all my Vaping needs, I very rarely find my self Vaping above 75watts

As with any new item that you get, you are a little bit paranoid of getting it marked, and I found that the genuine leather battery door wrap, located just below the 510 Connection, brought out high levels of paranoia whilst using the Therion, and after about two hours of getting out the box, my levels of paranoia where justified, as I miss judged my refill dropper of the Troll, and as if in slow motion I watched the drop of Ejuice run down the ride of the RDA , over the raised lip of the side of the 510 connection, a down the leather battery door, instantly discolouring it.  After the sinking feeling subsided , I found that a damp cloth, gently wiped over the top, after drying, removed all signs of my mishap.

I think that overtime the leather with darken, but gives it some patina and adds to the aesthetics of the mod in my opinion.

But you may want to order one of the darker colours, if you want to try and avoid any staining.

I really can't find any faults with the Therion DNA75, and it will take pride f place in my Vape collection. You may we'll be put off by the the price tag of just over £100, but in my opinion, the quality supersedes any 75-watt device out there. 

I believe that you’re definitely getting what you pay for and it’s truly a  vaping masterpiece! This will be one of those devices that you will treasure for many years to come, and I have no hesitation in thinking that it will give years of faultless service in return. Lost Vape have raised the bar, and set the bench mark for premium mods to come.