Review of The IJOY Limitless Lux Mod From Heaven Gifts


The team at Heaven Gifts kindly sent out the Limitless LUX Mod free of charge for the purpose of this review.

It is described on the Heaven Gifts website as follows: IJOY Limitless LUX dual 26650 Box Mod, equipped with 215W high power output and variable temperature control system, it can support Nickel200, Titanium, and Stainless Steel heating materials.

The Lux comes packaged in a simple black presentation box, with the Limitless logo at the top, and LUX - Dual 26650 Box Mod printed in silver.


The back of the box has some basic contact details for  IJOY, and a scratch and check panel. The plain and simple packaging was very Apple-ish, and has a Premium feel to it.

The lid lifts off to reveal, the Mod, held firmly in a black foam cut out.


Once the Lux has been removed, you can pull out the foam packing, and the cardboard divider to reveal the rest of the kit that is included with the mod.


The kit includes:
  • 1 x Limitless LUX MOD
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 2 x battery sleeve
  • 2 x IJOY INR26650 4200mAh battery
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x warranty card

Due to shipping regulations the pair of INR26650 batteries where not in the box, and where shipped separately, mine came a couple of days later, I think its due to the regulations of batteries by post.

Heaven Gifts also included an optional wood effect mod sleeve, which can be purchased separately.


Model Name : LUX 215w Dual 26650 Mod
Manufacturer: IJOY / Limitless
Main material : Zinc Alloy Chassis
Type : Variable Wattage / Temperature Control Mod 
Supports:  Ni200 Nickel, Titanium, and stainless steel coil & Kanthal
Atomiser Connection: Stainless Steal threaded spring loaded 510
Atomiser Connector Diameter Max : 30mm
Display : 0.66 inch OLED screen
Charging : external & Micro USB
Output Wattage: 5W - 215W
Output Voltage: 0.5Volts - 8.0Volts.
Output Current: 1.0A - 36A.
Temperature Control Range: 300 - 600F
Wattage Mode resistance range: 0.06 - 3.0ohm
Battery Size:  Dual 18560 or Dual 26650
Battery Cover Type: Magnetic 
Power efficiency: 95%
Size : :  101.8 x 57.9 X 31mm
Product weight: 0.196 kg 

Built in Safety Features.
To ensure that you have the safest possible Vaping experience IJOY included the following safety features as standard:

PCB temperature overheat protection: when the temperature of device is too high, the output will shut off automatically and the screen will display "PCB TOO HOT"

Low power alert: when battery voltage is below 6.4V , the device shows "LOW BATTERY"

PCB atomizer short-circuit protection: when atomizer short-circuit occurs, the OLED screen will display "SHORTED"

No atomizer: when no atomizer connects, the device will display "No atomizer"

Low resistance protection: when the resistance is lower than 0.06ohm, the OLED screen will display "OHMS TOO LOW". When the resistance is higher than 3ohm, the OLED screen will display "OHMS TOO HIGH".


The Lux Mod breaks down into to main competent parts, which we will have a look at, then go through the controls and features, then I will give you my thoughts on the Lux Dual 26650 Box Mod.

The complete mod standing just over 10cm tall and considering it holds two 26650 batteries, doesn't seem that much bigger than the such mods as the Snow Wolf.


The outer sleeve simply pulls off, by holding to the top section and pulling the sleeve downwards.


The sleeve is firmly in place by a pair of magnets located on the bottom of the device.


As a second form of attachment there is a small spring loaded bar set in the bottom of the internal frame, which snaps into recess plate again located in the base of the sleeve.


The Lux Sleeve
The sleeve has been machined out of what I think is some type of alloy, and comes as standard in matt black,  but as I said Heaven Gifts very kindly send out an additional wood effect sleeve.


The sleeve has a great feel, and finish to it, and IJOY have nicely added a matching brushed alloy base plate.


The back corner of the base plate has been really nicely round off, to fit better in the hand. Great attention to detail.

On both edges of the sleeve they have machined 5 angled slots, which not only provide large venting holes, but also give a great amount of additional grip, whilst holding to the Lux.


The included sleeve is nicely finished off with a subtle amount of well placed branding on each side.


Lux Chassis.
The main body or Chassis of the Lux has been manufactured out of black high grade plastic, cleverly design to incorporate space to fit two 26650 high drain batteries. 


To avoid any doubt they have clearly marked on the centre frame the battery orientation.

The brass battery contacts hold the batteries firmly in place.

Due to the fact that IJOY  know that most people won't have any 26650 batteries in their collection, they have included a pair in the kit.


The batteries are easily installed, by simply inserting the sprung end first.


Within the kit they have also included two 18650 battery holders.


These holders allow you to install and use your own pair of 18650 with in the larger 26650 frame.


The plastic Chassis has been press fitted, and then secured with two small screws into the top section of the device, which is machined out of alloy, with a nice quality brushed finished.


510 Connection 
The top section houses the stainless steal threaded 510 connection, which features a firmly sprung loaded gold plated centre pin.


The 510 connection is surrounded by two raised rings to prevent the atomiser from scratching the top section.

The top surface of the device also houses the 0.66 inch OLED screen, and twin control buttons.

The bright OLED screen clearly displays all the devices information, that you may need all on one screen. 

- Wattage
- Coil Resistance
- Voltage
- Battery bar meter
- Ramp up setting.


The wattage / temp can be adjusted using the two control buttons, 5w upto 215w & 300 - 600F.

To access the sub menu, you simply need to press the fire button 3 times. This will allow you select the following options.

N - Nickel wire
T - Titanium Wire
S - Stainless Steal
P - Power Mode Kanthal

Screen Rotation- Allows you to invert the display.
Set up Mode When enter to this mode,the screen display NORM/HARD /SOFT/USER
Manage the mode of Power/temperature control:
  • Norm Mode: That's is your current wattage chosen before.
  • Hard Mode: Powerful +30% than your setting before wattage.
  • Soft Mode: Powerful -20% than your setting before wattage.
User Mode
According to personal like,it allows users to customize working waveband before 3 seconds out put wattage.

Fire Button.
The Front mounted fire button measures 12.5mm x 8.5mm and due to its size fits comfortable under the finger,  and nicely curves to match the shape of the device,


 It does have a really nice clock to it, but I did find that occasionally the press didn't connect, if you found your self pressing off centre. So you do need to press in the centre of the switch.

USB Socket
Located directly underneath the 510, on the opposite side to the fire button, is the micro USB socket, which is very neatly set in the plastic Chassis, out of sight when the sleeve is in place, and away from bust and fluff.


This USB can be used for both firmware updates as well as charging the batteries, although I would recommend external Charging of the batteries when ever possible.

Real Life Experiences.
This Mod has become one of my go to mods for all occasions, with the ability to switch out the sleeve to match my tank, (yes I know Vaping Vanity) and the battery life that lasts for days on end. It it just a pleasure to own and use. Some people might find it a bit bulky and heavy, but personally I like my mods to have a bit of weight and size to it. Plus the fact that even the widest Tank or RDA looks comfortably at home sat on top. 


Although not very pocket friendly, it sure does look good in the hand,

The performance of the device whilst Vaping, apart from the on switch issue, is faultless, enough power for even the most extreme Vapor.

The only other thing with the design, is that I do sometimes forget that the sleeve and top detach, and find myself pulling them apart when pulling the cap off a tight fitting RDA, but in no way a major issue. Just worth noting.

Conclusions & Recommendations
The Lux Dual 26650 215w is yet again another example of how IJOY are leading the way with cutting edge design, performance and allowing the user the ability to customise their device to suit their style, which seems to be becoming a trade mark of IJOY. With the level of customisation that they have introduced to the market.

I would defiantly recommend this device, is a great mod to own.

The IJOY Lux Dual 26650 215w can be purchase over at Heaven Gifts by clicking HERE  and use Discount code AMVRDISCOUNT for an extra 15% Off your purchase.