Apache Vape Red Cloud


The guys over Apache Vape kindly sent over their range Warrior Range of Dripping Juices free of charge, for the purpose of these reviews.

About Apache Vape.
Apache Vape has been 5 years in the making.   Our aim, the creation of an industry leading brand with exceptional Flavours.
Our desire has been to create a bespoke range of e-juices and flavour  combinations, built from the best flavour profiles, for that perfect vaping experience.
Our mission has been to take the best on the market, and then make it better.
Red Cloud is described on the Apache Vape website:
"Caramelised home made apple pie blended with cinnamon."

Juice Specification
PG/VG Ratios :  20/80
Nicotine Strenghts (MG) : 0,3 & 6mg
Bottle Size : 30ml & 60ml
Place Of Manufacture : UK
Price : £9.99

My Vaping Set up
Atomiser : Limitless RDA Classic
Wick & Coil : Single Clapton Coil @ 0.62ohms
Device : Limitless LUX @ 50w.

On Vaping Apache Vape - Red Cloud.
I couldn't quite decide on this juice, after reading the online description, I think I was expecting more of an baked applied experience,  but as I Vaped through the juice, I seemed to get more of a sweet cinnamon roll type flavour, rolling out across my tongue. With its distinctive bakery twist.

Towards the back of the tongue, every now and again, I seemed to get a very slight taste of Apple, not necessarily backed or caramelised, more notes of fresh Apple.

The exhale, was again cinnamon inspired, with a bakery theme, delicately sweet, with a nice level of warmth from the spice. But still could find the elusive baked apple, which just seemed to be out of reach on every Vape.

I love a baked apple pie Vape, but I found Red Cloud, to be a little lacking in the Apple department, for my palette, I thought it came through at times, but just seemed to clouded by the cinnamon. As with all my juice reviews, it is just my humble opinion. And if your after a cinnamon roll Vape, then worth checking out Red Cloud.

MVR Score
Flavour : 4/10
Throat Hit : 5/10
Vapor Production : 6/10
Aroma : 6/10
Overal :  5/10

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