PULP Ejuice from Vape Store UK


The team over at Vape Store UK kindly sent over a selection from the PULP Ejuice range free of charge for the purpose of this review.

About Vape Store UK
At Vape Store UK we aim to bring the best eLiquids to the UK market. We are always discovering new eLiquid Brands and stocking them for your pleasure. We have a quality selection of eLiquids from the U.K, U.S.A, Canada, France, and E.U. We test all eLiquids before bringing them to market so you can be assured you will receive a prestigious vaping juice. We have highlighted all the key eLiquid facts in our catalogue for easy reading and searching just pick an eJuice Brand to get Started. Happy searching and happy vaping from all of us here at Vape Store UK.

About PULP.
We could have chosen a trendy brand name like Liquidz, or Love-vapes, or even e-Delight.

We chose PULP. Why PULP? It’s not a reference to Tarentino’s movies. It’s all about Taste —fruits, veggies, wooden spoons, old school juicers… It’s a cook’s kitchen.

PULP is not the ordinary e-juice. PULP is both real gourmet pleasure and insane mouth madness.

Our dream team —the very same ones that brewed our range of flavours — is made of cooks, flavour specialists, culinary advisors, and of course… you. All of you, vapers, were put to contribution in selecting among hundreds of flavors, the ones that truly made your mouth 

Vape Store UK stocks 22 different flavours of PULP ejuice, covering tobacco, fruits and menthols so there bound to be a flavour to suit your tastes. They are currently running a 3 for 2 promotion, allowing you to mix and match your 3 favourite flavours for £20.

Juice Specification
PG/VG Ratios :  30% VG : 70% PG
Nicotine Strenghts (MG) : 0 & 6mg
Bottle Size : 20ml Plastic Bottle
Place Of Manufacture : France
Price : £10.00

Here are my thoughts and opinions on just a small selection of the PULP range from Vape Store UK. 

In my opinion these Ejuices seem to designed to preform best when Vaped, in the more entry level starter kit such as the INNOKIN ENDURA T18 STARTER KIT. 


"This delicate and nutty flavoured eLiquid that is so rich it tastes naughty! Hazelnut in the Shell by Pulp is a vaping delight and a real treat; it tastes incredible and offers a whole new experience to vapers. This is a high quality, nutty vape which is definitely one to try!"

This juice delivers an intense wave of flavour, pure, uncomplicated hazel nut. That has a well refined sweetness to it, that holds momentarily on the tip of the tongue. 

 As the vapor reaches further back up the tongue, the nutty bitterness intensifies, were it then delivers quite an intense throat hit, which to start with caught me a little by surprise, but after a few Vapes, you seem to acclimatise to. 

The exhale seems to bring with an almost caramel type sensation, which infuses with the rich hazelnut, smoothing out the nutty bitterness, and balancing out the overall profile.

I found the bitterness of the hazelnut a little too intense for my palette, and the throat hit just a little to harsh. Although they both seemed to mellow as you continue to Vape.


"Green Banana is a popular pick with our buyers and we’re not surprised! Pulp has created a refreshing, moreish banana flavour that is so tasty you’ll never put it down. This full-flavoured e-liquid is great for vapers who like fruity flavours but want to try something a little different to your usual berry inspired juices. Give Green Banana a go!"

It's unusually to find a Solus Banana Vape, as they are normally blended and mixed with other flavours, but keeping in line with Pulp's level of purity, the banana in this Vape is the star of the show, uncomplicated and in its most natural format, straight out of the unripened green skin.  With this level of simplicity comes with a delicate natural freshness, that soothes the cleans palette, to allow following wave of natural sweetness, to dance across the tongue.

The ripeness of the banana, delivers a satisfying mid level throat hit,  which proceeds the creamy exhale of soft sweet banana. Uncomplicated and naturally sweet.

I liked this one, and was drawn in by the natural sweetness, and moorishly creamy exhale.

Exquisite Blackcurrant by Pulp

"As subtle, aromatic and flavorful as you'd expect from blackcurrant. No sugar added! Summer pleasure all year round."

This well balanced blend, delivers a soothing wave of fruit flavour, that has a real charming effect on the palette, the Blackcurrant has a nice sparkle to it.

As you exhale, the sweetness intensifies slightly, giving you a sweet exiting memory on the tip of your tongue.

A well rounded fruit Vape, with a nice soothing level of Blackcurrant, with just the right amount of natural sweetness.


"Ripe and ready, Peach Skin eLiquid by Pulp is a flavour bomb waiting to explode! This sweet and juicy e-liquid is a firm VSUK favourite as it is ultra-refreshing, making it the perfect all day vape. If you’re looking for something a little more refined and sophisticated than your usual berry inspired vape, then Peach Skin is a sure winner for you!"

Peach is one of those distinctive flavours, that encapsulates, summer, with its lite and lingering freshness, and the team at PULP seem to have done a pretty good job in capturing this essence.

Not over sweetened, and well blended, the soft peach flavour glides in over the tongue. The exhale carries with it a nice level of peachy creaminess, with a flavour that lingers on the tongue.

Final thoughts.
PULP have a vast array of flavours to suit every taste, and when paired up with a midlevel starter kit, produce a satisfying flavour-sum Vape.  These juices would be perfect for the beginner Vapor. As best Vaped at lower wattages, more in keeping with the available starter kit.