GeekVape Ammit RTA from Heaven Gifs


The team over at Heaven Gifts very kindly sent over the GeekVape Ammit RTA free of charge for the purpose of this review.

GeekVape Ammit RTA, the flavor master, is an innovative RTA that is specifically made for single coil build. With its unique, three-dimensional airflow, you will enjoy brilliant and unrivaled flavor. 

The Ammit came packaged in the now traditional GeekVape clear Plastic case , with cardboard outer sleeve.


Once the outer sleeve is removed, you get your first glimpse of the Ammit.


The RTA is held firmly in place, next to the spare tank, once removed you can gain access to the rest of the kit.


The kit includes:

1 x Geekvape AMMIT RTA, 
1 x Extra Glass Tank, 
1 x GeekVape Multi Tool
2x GeekVape Clapton Coils
1 x Bag of spare coloured O-Rings
4x Spare Screws
1 x Instruction Manual

The GeekVape Ammit comes in a choice of two colours, either Matt Black or Stainless Steel.



Manufacturer: GeekVape
Model : Ammit
Type : RTA
Body Material : Stainless Steel
Tank Material : Silica Glass Tank
Tank Capacity : 3.5ml
Air Flow Control : Yes
Juice Control : Yes
Coil Capacity : Single
Deck style : Dual Post - 3D Airflow
Top Fill : Yes
Connection : 510 Gold Plated Centre pin
Width : 22m
Height : 55mm (including Drip Tip)
Weight: 0.085 kg

The Ammit comes fully assembled, clean and free from any trace of machine oil. But as with all my new tanks, I always give them and good rinse out in hot soapy water.


As I like to in all my reviews, we will break it down  into its component parts, build it back up, stick a build in it and see how it Vapes.

The GeekVape Ammit unscrews and breaks down into six parts, which gives you access for maintenance and cleaning .

Drip Tip & Top Cap.
They include a wide bore Delrin drip Tip measuring 12.8mm wide and 10mm tall. The use of Delrin reduces any transfer of heat up through the chimney to the lips.


The Drip Tip fits snugly into the stainless steel top cap, the top cap has a slight slope to it, rising up to a raised lip, were the drip Tip fits.


The underside of the  top cap is machined perfectly to fit onto the juice fill Ring, and has a threaded section in the middle to screw down into the chimney section.


The top cap has some light engraving running around the outer edge.


Juice Fill Ring & Chimney.
The stainless steel Juice fill Ring allows access to the tank, for for filling without having to fully remove the top section of the tank, via the Kidney shaped cut outs around the chimney.


The Ring has a nice tall lip running around the outer edge to assist with filling,


Flipping the juice Fill Ring over exposes the threaded 10mm diameter chimney, that threads directly down into the inner chamber.

Inner Chamber
The inner chamber, compact in size, to help intensify the flavour production, has a short section of threaded chimney rising out of the top, with a small white o-ring, to ensure a tight seal. 


It proudly sports the Ammit Logo on the front, engraved and darkened. It has two Griffin style juice flow slots at the base of the chamber, to allow juice to flow through to the  matching slots on the build deck.


These slots can be opened and closed by carefully rotating the chamber around the deck section.

Inside the Chamber, you have Coned roof, to again add to the concentration of flavour.


The Silica glass tank then slides down over the inner chamber, sealed off at the bottom by the shaped o-rings.


The juice Fill Ring can then be threaded down at the top, ensuring that the o-rings are still in place.


Base Section & Build Deck.
The Ammit features a fully adjustable Gold Plated 510 centre pin.


The Air Flow Control Ring,( AFC) features two fully adjustable slots running on opposing sided of the base, 


The AFC Ring rotates with a satisfying 'click' as it turns around, locking each turn in place. GeekVape has also added some small detailing around the Ring, to give it a bit of grip.

The star of the show, and what sets this RTA apart from the rest is its build deck,.

The deck it's self it recessed in slightly, sitting above the threaded section, which the chamber screws down onto.


The two post deck, has the posts set off to one side, allowing for plenty of space to fit some of your fat builds in. The square post have massive post holes, and your Coils are securely held in place by two relatively large cross head screws, Not a fiddly grub nut in sight


The Ammit deck features its stated 'Three Dimensional Airflow System' not only allowing the airflow to be channelled up under the Coils, but to be aimed out at the coil from the side at a 45 degree angle, through 3 small holes, creating an almost vortex effect across the coil.



The juice flows up through two small juice holes in the base of the deck, (which in my opinion are a little small)


These small juice holes open up into the larger juice ports on the side of the deck,


The GeekVape Ammit Build.
The Ammit deck couldn't be easier to build on, and is a great deck for people wanting to try there hand at setting their own Coils.


The Ammit came with a couple of clapton Coils which performed really well, so we will use them for this build.


I found that it is worth pre-bending the coil tails, before you install them, this keeps the coil nice and straight in the deck. Due to the Post holes being at the same height on both sides.


The once the cross head screws have been loosened off, you can simply slide the coil into place.

You can then tighten down the screws, and using a Coil Master Ceramic coil rods, you can lift the coil clear of the raised air holes.


For the best results I found to have the coil completely entered, between to two sources of airflow.



Once you are happy with the placement of the coil, and you have pulse fired it, to set the coil, and ensured that there are no hot spots.

You can then wick it up, as with most RTA, when wicking the coil, less is more, cut your self a 5ml strip of cotton, and thread it through.


It can then be cut off level with the side of the deck, you can always trim off a little more if needed.


Using the CoilMaster Needle nosed Tweezers, you can comb through the cotton, removing any excess, and thinning out Ye cotton.


The cotton, can then be carefully placed down into the juice wells.


Ensuring that the cotton, is completely covering the juice ports.

You can then prime the Cotton with juice, and install it in the tank, and fill it up.

Performance & Real World Experience.
The Ammit is a real flavour machine, when you set it up right, I did find that it took a couple of attempts to get the wick right, you can instantly tell when it is right, as it crackles and pop as it wicks up, its just a matter of getting the amount of cotton just right,to much and it blocks the juice holes, and you begin to get dry hits, too little and it will flood, but trust me it's worth persisting, as the end result is out standing.

I still think that the juice holes in the base are a little to small, and with a slightly bigger set of holes, it would result in less fine tuning, and the wicking would be more forgiving.

When it was set up right, I found that I didn't have to use juice the control, with no issues with flooding.

The airflow is spot on, smooth and direct, and I'm sure the 45 degree side air flow, vortexes the vapor, and intensifies the flavour.

The benefit of running a single coil is, the juice in the tank seems to last twice as long, so the smaller 3.5ml tank doesn't seem to be so much of an issue.

- Amazing Flavour
- Easy Build Deck.
- 3 Dimensional Air Flow
- Top Fill
- Adjustable Air- Flow
- Gold Plated Centre Pin.

- Small Tank Capacity 
- Relatively Small juice holes
- Lack of grip of the top cap. 
Conclusions & Recomendations.
GeekVape truely have come out with a design classic with this style of deck, As the Velocity Style deck set the standard for dual post decks, I think GeekVape have set the new standard in single coil deck design, and air-flow. Outstanding flavour and a design classic.

Must Have RTA.

If you want to try out the GeekVape Ammit then head over to Heaven Gifts, where you can pick one up for US$29.90 / £24.86, Plus don't forget to use discount code AMVRDISCOUNT to get 15% Off