Shoreditch Vaping Community Award Nomination


We have some exciting vaping news! My Vaping Reviews have been nominated for the Shoreditch Vaping Community Award 2017 and naturally we are really exited to be in the running! So, if you love our stuff then why not take a moment to show us some love with a vote! 

About the awards

Over recent years the vaping industry has seen some tremendous changes and a whole lot of growth. E-cigarette technology has dramatically improved and thee’s been a boom in the number of brands, types and quality of e-liquid available to vapers. Part of this great movement is down to the online communities that facilitate discussion, creativity and innovation.

So, with this in mind Shoreditch have decided to show some much needed love to the vaping community, which is vital to the thriving vaping industry. 

Vote for MY VAPING REVIEWS here: 

Plus, this is just the start… Next up Shoreditch will be hosting, the ‘Vape Gear Awards’ with 18 categories including best large manufacturer, best RDA and most innovative, to name a few. The manufacturers are already lining up to participate so watch out for announcements when voting goes live.