Wotofo Conqueror Mini RTA from Heaven Gifts


The team over at Heaven Gifts very kindly sent over a pair of Wotofo Conqueror Mini RTA's free charge for the purpose of this review.

The Conqueror Mini is described on the Heaven Gifts website as follows:

"Wotofo Conqueror Mini is the newest authentic RTA with postless dual coil design.It comes with 2.5ml e-Juice capacity. Also, the cotton, coil and juice hole are in the same level to assist with wicking.. Conqueror Mini using pyrex glass with 304 stainless steel, the whole RTA is very beautiful on a small box mod. "

The Conqueror Mini came packaged in the destinctive Wotofo presentation box, with a w
ire mesh design, running around the top, with a white band running around the base, with Conqueror Mini logo printed across it.


The outer sleeve of the box sleeve slides off to reveal the RTA and Kit.


The kit includes the following items,

  • 1 x Conqueror Mini RTA Tank
  • 1 x Janpan cotton
  • 1 x Screw driver
  • 1 x Coil Building tool
  • 3 x Prebuild Twisted Coils
  • 1 x Spare Parts
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Gift Box with a Wotofo Giveaway card

The Conqueror Mini comes in a choice of either Stainless Steel or Matt Black,


Specifications of the Conqueror Mini

Model : Conqueror Mini
Manufacturer: Wotofo
Type : RTA
Body Material : 304 Stainless Steel
Tank Material : Pyrex Glass
Tank Capacity : 2.5ml
Air Flow Control : yes
Juice Control : No
Coil Capacity : Dual
Deck style : Dual Postless
Top Fill : Yes
Connection : 510 Gold Plated Centre pin

Width : 22mm
Height : 39mm
Weight : 0.060 kg
Price :  £23.75
Supplied by : www.heavengifts.com

The Wotofo Conqueror Mini comes fully assembled and ready to build on, after a quick rinse out, I broken the Mini down into its component parts for the purpose of this review, then we will build it back up, stick a build in t and see how it performs.


The RTA breaks down into 5 main components, for cleaning and maintenance purposes.


The Mini comes with a stainless steel 13.5mm removable drip Tip, 


The inner edge of the drip Tip cones inwards to a 5.5mm diameter.
The drip Tip fits snugly into the top cap, held firmly in place with two o-rings.

Top Cap.
The stainless steel top cap measuring 22mm x 3.4mm with an 8.3mm hole machined out of the middle.  As with its big brother Wotofo have machined a fine line of knarling around the outer edge of the top cap, which gives you the perfect grip, when screwing and unscrewing the top cap.


The underside of the top cap, has been machined to fit perfectly over the top of the juice Fill cap, with threading running around the inner whole,sitting just above a white o-ring, which seals it tight.


The drip Tip matches in perfectly, creating a complete drip Tip and top cap.

Juice Fill Cap.
The Juice Fill Cap, makes up he top section of the tank, and threads down directly onto the chimney of the inner chamber.


As with most top Fill tanks, it has two large kidney shaped holes curling either side of the threaded chimney hole. Plus I like the fact that they have raised the inner lip, to prevent juice from going down the chimney.


The Mini chimney is effectively split in half,  the main section measuring 5.4mm attached to the underside of the Juice Fill Cap. With fine threading running on the inner edge of the chimney,

Inner Chamber.
The stainless steel inner chamber measuring 18.5mm from top to bottom, with an inner chamber diameter of 14.4mm, the complete chamber and tank base are machined out of one piece of stainless steel.


Wotofo have really put a lot of effort into the detail and design ques on the chamber, with fine engraving around the top, and marking running around the sides.


True to its heritage, the engraved shapes match up perfectly with the distinctive window shapes on the original Conqueror,


Running around the base of the chamber are the Juice flow cut outs that allow the juice to flow through to the juice flow cut out in the deck.


With each of the four juice flow slots measuring approx 11mm x 1.2mm, there is plenty of room for juice and air to move freely.

The 14.3mm x 22mm Pyrex Glass tank fits snugly down over the inner chamber, pressing down onto the fat o-ring.


Once the tank is in place, the Juice Fill Cap, can be threaded down onto the chamber, creating a nice tight seal.

Base & Build Deck.
The 22mm stainless steel base features a gold plated 510 connection .


That leads up through the 6.3mm thick Air-flow control base section, which has two 10mm x 1mm adjustable airflow slots, which run directly up underneath the Coils. 


The airflow can be controlled by rotating the airflow control ring left and right, until it hits the inbuilt stopper.

The post less build deck is identical to the deck in the original Conqueror, 


With the post-less design, the Coils fit directly down into the coil holes machined into the deck, and are secured in place with two pairs of small flat head screws, which are threaded into the side of the deck.


When in place the Coils will sit either side of the two massive air holes, allowing plenty of air to run up directly under the Coils, adding to the outstanding flavour that this tank produces.


The deck is surrounded by the 3mm threaded deck wall, which has four 2mm cut outs, which allow the juice to make contact with the cotton.  Initially you would think that the wick ports are two small, especially when combined with the ultra narrow juice slots in the chamber wall, but when wicked correctly, it wicks like a dream, with zero dry hits.

Conqueror Mini Build.
I must admit that the Conqueror post less deck is not the easiest of decks to build on, and can be quite fiddly.  I found the build becomes a lot easier when you use slightly thicker gauge wire, so choose not the use the Coils supplied, and opted for a pair of 22 AWG CoilMaster Coils, as I find that the stiffer wire is just easier to work with, and to get into the holes. It is a bit of trial and error, in getting the coil tails to the correct length, you just need to hold them up, and sort of eye ball it. Just be carefull not to cut them to short, as to prevent them touching the airflow pipes.

I also found it easier not to use the little coil jig that they supply in the kit, I just fitted each coil, and the lined them up so they were pointing at the Juice slots.


Once the Coils are in place, wicking is fairly simple, with the Conqueror Mini, less is defiantly more, as it comes to cotton.


Take two 5ml strips of organic cotton, and peel of the the front and back faces, then thread them through the Coils.


Then cut them off in line with the outer rim of the deck.


You can then gently comb out the cotton, with a pair a Tweezers, and again trim off any excess.


The thinned out cotton, can then be gently inserted down  to the deck, gradually pulling the cotton through to the juice slots, ensuring to keep the cotton as lightly packed as possible.



Once you happy that the Cotton completely covers the juice slots, you can prime up the cotton, with your chosen juice, adjusting the cotton as required.


You can then screw the deck into the chamber and fill up the tank, and we are ready to Vape.


Performance & Real World Experience
The Conqueror Mini is a true flavour chasers dream, its reduced chamber, shortened chimney and under coil direct air-flow produces a fantastic amount of flavour, and with the air-flow wide open, the vapor product is not to be understated. I really liked the original Conqueror,  and if anything I think the flavour of the Mini is even better, Being a Mini, the reduced Juice captivity of 2.5ml does mean that you need to keep it topped up, but with the top Fill it really isn't a problem.  The only thing I did find is when you turn the airflow down you do get a bit of a whistle, 

- Compact size.
- Great attention to detail.
- easy to access top Fill.
- adjustable airflow.
- Zero leakage
- Zero wicking issues.

- Build deck can be quite fiddly to install the Coils.
- Only 2.5ml Capacity tank

Another great little tank from Wotofo, once you have mastered the deck it is a true pleasure to use, amazing flavour, and great vapour production, from this stunning little tank.