Alchemists Recipe 'Cookie Monster' DIY Ejuice


Barry over at the Alchemist Cupboard very kindly sent out a selection of Concentrates, including the ingredients to one of the Alchemist Recipes "Cookie Monster"

The Alchemist Recipes

Each week they offer up an original Alchemist Designed recipe, where, on the selected weeks – you will be able to purchase all 5 flavours needed for the recipe, at a special discounted price. Unleash The Alchemist in you with what will become a vast array of magical concoctions and beautiful blended recipes. Designed to show the diverseness that can be achieved within making your own E-Liquids. All guaranteed to more than satisfy within true replication as well as being on par (if not better) than any pre-made juice you will buy on both quality and taste.

Alchemist Recipe Cookie Monster
Base Nicotine: 4.2ml
PG : 22.9ml
VG : 47.9ml

Sugar Cookie (Cap) : 10ml
Banoffee Pie (S&C) : 6ml
White Chocolate : (S&C) : 3ml
Bavarian Cream (TFA) : 3ml
Millionaires Shortbread (S&C) : 3ml

The Mix.
Putting the recipe together was super simple, just mix the shown quantities together in a measuring cylinder, and then carefully decant the mixture into a 100ml ejuice bottle, and shake well, before allowing it to steep, I left mine to steep for two weeks before filling up my tank and giving it a go. 

On Vaping Cookie Monster.
Having made this juice from the ground up, you defiantly gain an understanding of the flavour profiles.

As you inhale, the dominating flavour that seems to rush in over your tongue, is understandably the sweet Sugar Cookie,  which has a real granular sugar edge to it, super sweet, and ultra moorish. As the Sugar Cookie infusion begins to settle, and slowly melt into your tongue, you begin to pick up on the distinctive Creamy White Chocolate following through on the tip of the tongue.

The Gooey Creamy Centre seems to be unleashes as you exhale,  rolling out down the centre of your tongue, bordered by the ever present Sweet Cookie mix. I can't decide if I prefer the sweet inhale or the Gooey exhale, I'd better take another vape. Errr, they both taste amazing. 

I have been Vaping this juice solid for the last two days and am about half way through the 100ml bottle. And I must say it taste as good as any Premium Cookie ejuice I have tried, nice and sweet and totally moorish. 

Would I make up another batch ? - Yes definitely, very shortly.