Guest Post : 3 Must Watch Vaping Documentaries:


Vaping is coming to the fore of media around the world, and particularly here in the States. As a result, we’re thankfully seeing far more short films and full-length feature documentaries on the subject. There is a tonne of vaping documentaries that are a great watch for smokers and vapers alike. So, if you’re looking for something interesting to watch on a Friday night, here are just some of the best documentaries related to vaping and smoking that you should seek out.


A Billion Lives – Aaron Biebert

Marketed as ‘the first vaping documentary’, A Billion Lives caused quite a stir after its release in 2016. From director Aaron Biebert, the film was inspired after he lost a friend to lung cancer. The documentary is made up of three ‘segments’. The first segment primarily looks at the harm smoking can cause. It begins with the impactful reminder that, this century alone, ‘a billion people are projected to die from smoking’. The second half moves away from smoking and tobacco to aim it’s focus at the e-cigarette industry, and the final intertwines the two. The final segment of the film examines why so many organisations have placed themselves in opposition to the e-cigarette industry, and the efforts of anti-vape activists to stifle vaping around the world.
Throughout the course of the film, viewers get to see snippets of conversations with experts on the topic. This gives viewers real, educated perspectives on the issues covered across the film. Biebert creates a masterful documentary that anyone and everyone should watch at least once. It's insightful whether you’re a smoker or a vaper, or neither at all.


Thank You For Vaping – The New Yorker

Considerably shorter than the other documentaries we’ve included on this list, of Thank You For Vaping is a doc that isn’t going to take up several hours of your life. You can simply watch it when you have a spare 15 minutes. It was made a little earlier than the other two documentaries, being made in 2013. It was filmed for The New Yorker’s online publication, and has a running time of just 14 minutes. Despite this, it accomplishes its goal of being an engaging and insightful watch. It takes a two-pronged approach – looking at both the ‘science’ and legislation behind vaping as well as detailing experiences from real life vapers. This works to great effect, creating a short but sweet documentary this both unbiased and highly engaging. It works well because it shows both sides of the vaping coin with clarity and a sense of authority.
Although short, Thank You For Vaping is the kind of documentary that all vapers will be able to connect with. If you’ve got a little spare time on your hands, you can watch the full documentary right here.


E-cigarettes: Miracle or Menace? – BBC Horizon

Aired in May of 2016, this episode of BBC’s insightful Horizon series follows doctor turned journalist Michael Mosley as he takes up vaping. Dr Mosley, known for presenting programmes based around health and lifestyle for the BBC, had never so much as taken a drag on a cigarette before filming of this episode began. This might make him seem like a strange candidate for the role of vaping documentary host – but there was a lot of logic in the decision to have him at the helm.
As well as examining how vaping helps smokers to quit, the point of the episode was to explore vaping’s effect on non-smokers – so Mosley was the perfect person for the job. Over the course of the documentary, the benefits of vaping for smokers is clearly highlighted. Not only this, but Mosley comes to some interesting conclusions about nicotine and whether it effects people’s neuro functions.
While it was made across the pond, Miracle or Menace is an enlightening documentary. It takes a unique approach, making it well worth a watch.
There are just a handful of the awesome vaping documentaries you can find online. Have you got any more recommendations to add to our list? Let us know in the comments and on social media – we’re always looking for new recommendations!
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