Wotofo Serpent RDTA from Heaven Gifts


The team at Heavens Gift kindly sent over the New Wotofo Serpent RDTA free of charge for the purpose of this review.

WOTOFO Serpent RDTA is a 22mm atomizer with 2.5ml e-juice capacity. The RDTA adopts two kinds of drip tips to meet different vaping habits with an unique clamped deck to support big sized coils. The tank can be filled easily with two filling holes on the top cap. With air holes redirected down to the coil, users will enjoy a better flavor. 

The RDTA arrived packaged in a standard Wotofo presentation box, which neatly houses the contents of the kit.

What's in the box.
  • 1x The Serpent RDTA 
  • 1x Replace Glass Tank
  • 1x Delrin Drip Tip
  • 1x screw driver
  • 1x Spare parts
  • 1x Coil building Tool 
  • 1x Gift Box with Anti-Fake label
  • 1x Japanese Cotton
  • 2x Prebuild twisted coils 
  • 1 x User Manual

Brand: Wotofo
Model: Serpent
Type: ,Rebuildable Dripper Tank Atomiser
Available Color: Black,Silver
Material: Glass, SS304 Stainless Steel
Tank Capacity: 2.5ml
Thread: 510 Gold Plated
Airflow : Side airflow under Coil.
Product size (L x W x H): 41 x 22 x 41 mm

The Serphent RDTA comes in a choice of either Stainless Steel or Matt Black.


The Serpent RDTA breaks into its component parts for maintenance and cleaning

It comes with a choice of two drip tips included in the kit, the standard wide bore Delrin one piece chuff cap, and  the ultem drip tip adapter which will accept any 510 tip, and is a nice touch that should help insulate the included stainless steel tip from excess heat.

The Serpent RDTA chamber cap, has the appearance of a two piece chamber, but is in fact one single piece, with a single grove machined around its waist.

With the simple yet effective Serpent branding nicely machined onto the lower section.

The  flavour that the Serphent produces, is intensified by the reduced inner chamber, featuring a smooth domed top section.

Following from the design ques of the orginal Wotofo Serpent RTA, the single coil build deck is based around two clamp style posts, sitting either side of the wide single air flow hole, in the center of the deck. allowing airflow directly up under neath the coil.

The large raised airhole is straddled by the two fully enclosed  wicking holes, that run down directly into the tank section of the Atty,

The center air hole runs down through the deck, and out one side. the single side mounted air hole, sits neatly between the top oring, and bottom lip.

The n shaped clamps allow for all sizes of coils to be installed, although not sprung loaded, they effectively hold the coils securely in place.

The reduced chamber is matched by the reduced tank, this 2.5ml tank does feel a bit small, and i did find myself filling it up all the time.

The Glass tank fits snuggly down over the bottom section of the RDTA. and is held firmly in place by the bottom mounted oring

For ease of deconstruction, the build deck and tank section simply thread together, and then secured firmly in place by the connecting gold plated center pin.

The Gold Plated Centre Pin threads in through the hole in the 510 connection in the base, The gold plated Pin offers a great level of conductivity. And is tighten up using the supplied screw driver.


The Wotofo Serpent RDTA Build .
With its single coil clamp style deck, the Serpent RDTA,  like its predecessor is an abolsute pleasure to build on, for new and old Vapours a like,

The Layout of the deck, and the style of clamps, really does lead to, the installation of larger coil builds. For this build  I used the Geek Vape Fused Clapton, 26ga x 3( Parallel KA1 ) + 36ga (N80) KA1/N80 0.3ohm 6 Wrap.  Which come with a handy rod, to allow easy installation.


Whilst the coil is on the rod, you need to bend back one of the tails, so that they are pointing in opposite ditrections, to allow them to sit between to two clamps.

Simply back off the screws, using the provided screw driver.

With bigger Coils I find it easier to remove one of the clamps entirely , so you can easierly feed one tail under the far clamp, and lay the other tail across the clamp base.

Then it's just a matter of screwing the top section of the clamp back in place. Whilst keeping the coil post in place to keep it centeredcover the airhole.


Once it is centred over the airhole, using the coil rod, you can genially lift the coil, up off the deck, to prevent any shorts. 

And then carefully trim off the excess tails, ensuring to cut them as close as possible to the deck, to prevent them touching the top cap.  
After pulsing the coil, and removing any hot spots, and letting it Coil, you are ready to wick it up, 

Trimming the cotton off roughly inline with the base of the deck, 

I find the it wicks better if you comb out the tails, and cut the back diagonally towards the coil, to ensure that there won't be to much cotton, going down into the juice holes.



Then it's just a matter of carefully tucking the wicks down into the juice holes, ensuring that they are not stuffed to tightly.


Then you wet your wicks, and juice her up, I find it easier to use a blunt nose syringe to fill the tank, as the juice fill holes are a little small for some of the dropper bottles.




Everyday Vaping & Performance.
There is always a lot of hype over multi coiled Atomisers, but personally I don't think you can beat a quality single coiled RDTA, I find you get better flavour, off a fat single coil, without the need to double up the Coils and drop the resistance to low.


I was a real fan of the original Serpent RTA, and couldn't wait to get my hands on the RDTA version, I find that RDTA are the closest thing to a RDA without the need for continued dripping, 

This thing completely rocks on the flavour front, with the direct under set airflow, and reduced chamber, the flavour is outstanding.

Ramping the wattage up to around 50w, is about the sweet spot for me, with this coil, it crackles away nicely as it wicks up the juice through the perfectly sized juice holes.

I would have like to have seen the tank a little bigger, as you do find your self refilling quite a lot. Also I think they could have made the fill holes a little bigger, to allow you to fill with a dropper bottle. I must admit after using the Limitless RDTA's as my main every day Atty, I did find myself accidentally trying to fill it up through the air flow hole, and wondering why the tank wasn't filling, and I had juice running down the side of my mod.

Apart from that is RDTA performs like a dream, amazing flavour, easy build deck, and great airflow.

  • Amazingly well built
  • Perfect single build deck
  • Outstanding Flavour Production
  • Classic design and look
  • Smooth Adjustable Airflow

  • Juice Fill holes are a little small
  • Only holds 2.5ml of Juice

Conclusion at Recommendation 
Defiantly be recommending the Serpent RDTA, all you flavour chasers out there will absolutely love it,  it great to see manufactures bringing high quality well priced single coil tanks to market.

So why not head on over to Heaven Gifts and pick one up, you won't be disappointed.