Dan's Donut DIY Mix


Over the last few batches of DIY ejuice my confidence has grown, especially after successfully mixing Cookie Monster, from scratch , following the Alchemist Cupboards Recipe.  So taking it to the next level, I thought I could try my hand at writing my own recipe, and mixing it up, after seeking some advice from Barry over at Alchemist Cupboard, as to how to choose my flavour combos, and percentage levels of chosen flavours. He went on to explained the finer details of mixing. The fact that you want to try and layer your flavour, rather than just for example, adding cream, you want to try and add dimension and depth to the flavour, by say, using using two different creams.

So with my new found knowledge, I set to work putting together Dan's Donuts.

100ml 50PG / 50VG
Base Nicotine (72mg) : 4.2ml
PG : 27.9 ml
VG : 47.9ml
10% Glazed Donut : 10ml
5% Blueberry Jam : 5ml
2% Sweat Cream : 2.0ml
3% Barviam Cream : 3ml

After a relative simple mix, and two weeks on the shelf steeping, allowing the flavours to infuse together and develop I thought it was time to try it out.

On Vaping Dans Donuts.
Even if I say so my self I was impressed with my first attempt at mixing from the ground up, well balanced, full flavoured Glazed Donuts, filled with a sweat and stick Blueberry jam centre, with a drizzle of cream.

The initial inhale delivered the sweet jam centre, that almost felt sticky on the tongue, laced with and almost creamy sweet centre, that seemed to nicely balance out the almost Tart jam.

 As the vapour worked it's way further back up the tongue, and the jam begins to relax, you start to get the Glazed Donut beginning to work its way through. The donut infusion, continues to grow and develop through into the inhale. 

At which point, as you exhale you get the full Glazed Jam donut experience, which I was aiming for. Sweet and oh so moorish.

I was really impressed with how this blend turned out, and would defiantly recommend mixing up a batch, I managed to get through the full 100ml in just over a week, in between juice reviews. I think if I made up another batch, which i will, I think I would reduce the Blueberry jam, by a few percentage points, as it is quite a dominant flavour, and possible increase the Glazed Donut and sweet cream. But I'm sure that is half the fun of mixing your own, the ability to perfect your blend.

If you want to try your own blend then head over to The Alchemist Cupboard pick out your flavours and give it a try.