Vandy Vape Pulse BF RDA

The team over at Vandy Vape, very kindly sent over a selection of their products free of charge for the purpose of the Reviews.

About Vandy Vape.
Founded in 2016,Vandy Vape is growing exponentially and innovating the e-cigarette and vape industry from Shenzhen.We specialize in producing and selling E-cig’s and Accessories worldwide.
Vandy Vape employees devote themselves to superior vape research and development. Mr. Stefen Zhang is the CEO and the Chief Creative Designer of Vandy Vape.Our ultimate goal is putting forth every effort to make our contribution to the development of the E-cig industry and providing the best service to all customers.
We are committed to creating electronic cigarettes of superior performance, flavour , and quality - while maintaining affordability. Vandy Vape remains true to its principals of exceptional quality and customer satisfaction.
The Pulse BF RDA by Vandy Vape & Tony B., the highly respected individual behind the Vapor Trail Chanel, enters the market with one of the most capable rebuildable platform, integrating an impressive side-mounted Kennedy-style airflow design with a postless, dual terminal build deck.

The Vandy Vape Pulse RDA comes packaged in a striking vibrant blue presentation box, with nice embossed colour images of the RDA, the Vandy Vape & Pulse logo, along with " A Tony B's Project' signed underneath.
The rear of the box features, basic product info, and some more embossed artwork
What's in the Box.
The Pulse RDA sits tightly in its foam cut out, next to the wide bore drip Tip, pull the RDA and top layer foam out reveals the rest of the kit.
1 x Pulse RDA,1 x Delrin Drip tip, 1 x Accessory Bag.
The accessory bag includes,  a Vandy Vape branded multi tool, Coil setting rod, 4 spare orings, Squonk Pin and four grub screws, that don't seem to fit anywhere, I think it should have had two spare Philips screws.
Key Features & Specifcation.
Brand: Vandy Vape
Model: Pulse 22 BF
Type: Rebuildable Atomizer,Rebuildable Drippers
Rebuildable Atomizer: RBA,RDA
Material: Stainless Steel
Thread: 510
Overall Diameter: 22mm
Product size (L x W x H): 2.44 x 2.20 x 2.20 cm
The Vandy Vape Pulse RDA  is crafted with high-quality Stainless Steel construction in a three-piece structure.
Build Deck & Chassis.
The Pulses ultra effective Chassis design, is I believe gold plated, but can't be sure and features a standard 510 connection
 The 519 connection can be installed with a choice of two centre pins. Either the one piece gold plated hollow squonk pin, or the two piece fully adjustable gold plated standard pin.
 The build deck features a simple, user-friendly design, implementing a post less dual terminal design catering to single coil configurations and flavor-orientated configuration. Coil leads are set into the deck and tightened via side-secured Phillips screws. Similar to other Vandy Vape's innovative Atomisers.

Tony B and the design team at Vandy Vape, have put a lot of time and effort into designing this deck, with a high level of attention to detail, to ensure the best overall Vaping experience.  When set up with the Squonking pin, the cleverly designed juice channels ensure that the juice flows directly into the deep juice well, rather than squirting up onto the bottom of the hot coil.
Air-Flow Cap.
Tony B was passionate about airflow, and truly understands how airflow can make or break and RDA,  
The Pulse BF RDA integrates a conceptualized airflow style inspired from the Kennedy RDA , featuring a side-mounted dual 3.5mm airslots that feeds into each pair 
The result is a concentrated and direct airway path to the deck with quad airflow tubes for maximal vapor production, while simultaneously doubling as an anti-spill mechanism due to the slanted orientation of the tubes.
To ensure that the Airflow cap is lined up correctly with the coil, they have machined a small notch in the inside off the cap.
The two notches snap down into the cut outs in the Chassis, when lined up correctly,
Adjustable Air-flow Cap.
The air-flow is controlled via the Stainless steel Airflow cap, which has two pairs of 3.5mm holes on opposite sides of the cap.
By simply rotating the cap you can fine tune your airflow running through to the Coils.
The cap has a 12.5mm drip Tip hole, with a fat oring, running around the inner edge, ensuring your chosen drip Tip is held firmly in place.
The Pulse RDA includes a trio of heat-resistant  widebore drip tip in a variety of height and width.
 The Ultem Wide bore Goon Style drip Tip. Measures 16mm wide by 7.4mm wide, and finishes off the overall look of the RDA.

The Delrin Wide bore drip Tip. 14mm Wide. Or you can stall the Delrin 510 Drip Tip adaptor..
Vandy Vape Pulse RDA Build.
The Pulse RDA is a complete dream to build on, and is super simple.
After attaching your Pulse to your Ohm meter or build deck, you can choose the coil you want to install.
Before you start you will need to loosen off the screws, 
The only tricky thing with the postless builds , is the fact that you have pre cut your coil tails to length before you install them. 
I found that the coil tool they supplied in the kit, was also great to judge the length of the coil tails required.
And by simply cutting the tails in line with the bottom part of the top of the rob. You know they will be the correct length.
Then you can slide the coil onto the tool, and push the tails down into the deck holes.
Using the supplied coiling tool, you are sure to set the coil at the correct height.
The you can tighten down the screws, and ensure the Coils are held firmly in place, and then simply twist the coil so it is inline with the guide notches on the deck. Which will ensure that the coil is directly between the air-flow tubes, when the cap is fitted.
Importantly you need to ensure that you have good clearance between the coil and the deck, specially as the juice port sticks up slightly.
When you coil is set correctly it should be nicely inline with the location notches, once the coil post is removed, 
Then you just need to wick it up, threading you cotton,
Trimming it neatly the length.
I like to comb out the cotton,  I like to use my tweeters.
Then simple tuck the wick down into the juice well,s and you should end up with 'S' shape of cotton.
Your then read to juice up and vape.
Design & Build Quality.
You can't fault the design and build quality, it has been so well fault out, from the easy of build, and simple wicking, to the smooth flowing airflow tubes, which hit directly onto the coil sides.
It's classic simple looks, sporting the in trend Ultem Drip Tip, that tops it off nicely.
The three part structure works really well together, with perfect varying tolerances between the different structures, meaning that you can lift you mod up by the Pulse RDA with out accidentally pulling of the top cap, were as a gentle pull, will remove the airflow cap, to allow easy access when dripping. With out removing the main chamber, which requires a firmer pull, to remove completely from the deck. Alway the sign of a precisely made RDA.
Performance and Every day Vaping.
I completely love the flavour and performance that you get off a single coil RDA, and the design features on the Vandy Bape Pulse, have defiantly taken single coil Vaping to a whole new level. Yes you can run most RDA's in single coil mode, but personally I don't think you can beat, a purpose build and designed single coil RDA.
I have had no leakage issues with this RDA, with its nice deep juice wells and anti-leak air hole design.
The reduced chamber on this 22mm atty,  combined with the direct hitting airflow produces  a staggering amount of flavour.
I really can't wait to get my hands on a squonk Mod, to fully test out its sqonking capabilities. 
Conclusion & Recommendations.
I would defiantly recommend this RDA to anyone looking for a single coil RDA. Amazing flavour, direct airflow, and squonking ability. - I have been using it constantly for about week now, and must admit I really can't fault it so far.