Augvape Druga RDA

The team over at Augvape very kindly sent out the Druga RDA free of charge for the purpose of this review.

About Augvape.

"Augvape Technology Ltd was founded in 2014 "Innovation Experience Integrity"  is our philosophy, it is our goal to put healthly products on the market to replace tobacco. We are committed to creating influence and innovation in the global market place. We are on the way...."

The Druga RDA is described on the AugVape website as:-
"A long awaited atomizer designed by Indonesia’s Pride Coil Builder Mike @vapeshouse and @AugVapeofficial .Mike has been helping us to design this RDA at the very beginning. A design that we have not seen before in RDA and probably in most atomizers engineering.DRŪGA RDA is the 1st atty which use CSS ( Clamp Snag System ) for it dual posts to make your coils installation easy peasy, Allows for a Wider Variety of Coil Structure Compatibility."


The Druga RDA comes packaged in a small compact, black tube with the distinctive AugVape logo onto the top. Simply stated yellow branding for DRUGA RDA. With links to their social media media accounts. And neatly tucked away underneath is the This product contains Nicotine......which still makes my laugh, as mine defiantly didn't have any Nicotine in it.


Once you remove the top of the tube, the RDA is sitting neatly inside, secured safely in its foam surrond, once you remove the RDA, you can poke your fingers down inside and pull out the remainder of the Druga kit.


The kit includes
  • One Augvape Druga RDA
  • One Hex Key 
  • One ULTEM Drip Tip
  • One Delrin Drip Tip
  • Spare Part Pack

Druga RDA Specification.

Main Material:  SS 304
Diameter : 24 mm 
Height : 34.4mm (inc. drip Tip)
Deck Diameter : 20mm
Drip Tip : Ultem 810 & Delrin 510
Deck : 24K Gold Plated 
Post Design : Clamp Snag System
Post slots : 2.5mm x 3mm
Juice well : 6mm
Airflow : Dual Adjustable Slots.
Connection : Gold Plated Brass Pin 
Squonk Pin : Yes Stainless Steel.

The AugVape Druga RDA is available in a choice 12 vibrant colours and finishes, to suit every Vaping style.


I was lucky enough to be sent the stunning Rainbow Finish DRUGA.

Close up look at the Druga RDA.

The Druga RDA from AugVape, as with all RDA's simply breaks down into it component parts, for easy building and cleaning.


The Druga RDA is  visually impressive, with a fully 24K Gold Plated Deck, for true Coil Porn builds.


The build deck base, engraved with the serial number of the RDA, mine being 53572, and the words "By Vapeshouse and AugVape " in the centre of the base is a standard 510 connection, which comes pre-installed Gold Plated brass centre pin, with flat head slot for removal.

The Standard Gold Plated Brass Centre pin can be easily removed, and swapped out for the inclusive hollow Stainless Steele 'Squonking' Pin, which when installed and attached to a 'Squonking' mod will allow juice to be bottom fed up into the juice well, to feed your cotton.


The Druga's 20mm build deck is fully 24K Gold Plated to present a visually stunning look while improving performance through higher conductivity. 


The two post build deck is arranged in a unique Clamp Snag System that features a large knurled thumb screw per post.


Featuring a single 2.5mm by 3mm slot space in each post. This allows for toolless adjustment and tightening as well as allowing for extra large coil leads. 


The large knurled thumb screws can be easily removed, to allow full access to the coil slots, for super easy placement of the coil tails.


The juice well of the deck measures 6mm deep, giving ample space for plenty of juice soaked cotton, with out the worry of juice overflow.

Airflow enters through dual airslots measuring 12mm by 2mm each which are machined through the side walls of the Druga outer chamber, along with the lightly engraved Druga logo. 


The airflow can be adjusted via simple rotation of the well fitting top capthe top 


The tapered lipped top cap, features matching airflow slot, and is held securely in place with by a large o-ring,  which offers just the right amount of resistance, to prevent the top cap from lift off, when picking up the mod, by the RDA. Whilst still turning with slight resistance whilst adjusting the airflow.


The inside of the top cap is slightly coned, to assist with flavour production.


The Druga RDA comes with a choice of three Drip Tip options.


The pre-installed Ultem 810 with an external diameter of 17.9mm with an internal bore of 9.8mm tapering outwards towards the top, sitting only 6mm tall, A wide bore Delrin 510 15mm diameter with an internal bore of 9.9mm, sitting 10mm tall. Or the third option is to use the Delrin 510 adaptor, which allows you to use your own choose 510 drip Tip.

The sections all fit together with perfect tolerances, with the chamber held very firmly in place, allowing you to easily pull off the top cap, for applying you juice to the Coils.


Or with the Wide opening of the Ultem drip Tip, you can drip straight through the top cap, with out the need to disturb your airflow.


The Druga RDA Build

The generous 20mm Build Deck, allows plenty of room, for some super sized builds.


I found it easier at the start to remove the thumb screws, to allow full access to the slots.


You then simply lay the coil down into the slots, personally I then find it easier to then measure the coil tails, and then cut the ready to be installed, rather than trying to cut the tails whilst in place.


I then threaded the thumb screws back down by hand, allowing enough space to poke both sets of Coils in.

Once I was happy with the positions, of the Coils, you can the tighten up the thumb screws, using a flat head screw driver.


It is not recommended that you use a cross or Philips head screw driver, as it will strip the top of the screws.

After a bit a tweaking and spacing, your Coils will be ready to Pulse.

Due to the width of the posts, I found I got better results using spaced Coils. Rather than having to try and position the Coils.

Once you happy you can wick it up.



And then juice it up.


As long as you have positioned the Coils correctly they should sit directly behind the airflow slots, allowing the airflow to hit the sides of the Coils.


Design and Build Quality.
Augvape have set the bar high with this RDA, Presenting a clean, highly functional system with quality machining and manufacturing,  the build deck is well designed and defiantly stands out from the crowd with it 24K Gold playing a Knarled Thumb screws. 

It has be manufactured to a surprisingly high standard, considering its competitive price point, with perfect tolerances on the orings.

The choice of colours is outstanding, giving every Vapor the ultimate choice to match their mods. Personal,  the Heat enhanced Rainbow Finish is the best in the bunch, and was chuffed when it arrived.

The in-vogue Ultem Drip Tip, finishes off the overall clean look of  this RDA.


Performance and Every Day Vaping
The Augvape Druga 24mm RDA is an excellent performance RDA, with huge amounts of airflow, when wide open, allowing you to chuck out massive floods if desired, or with the airflow tuned back, giving out great levels of flavour.

I haven't had the chance to to test out the squonking pin yet, as I haven't managed to get my hands on a Squonking mod, but will up date the review when I have.

  • Amazingly well made
  • 24K Gold Plated build deck
  • Super easy build deck.
  • Massive 2.5mm x 3mm post slots
  • Deep 6mm Juice well.
  • Choice of drip tips
  • Stylish Snag and Clamp system.
  • Squonk Pin Included.

  • Can get quite hot with fat builds.
  • No spare thumb screws.
  • Thumb screws can become loose over time.
  • Screw head slots could be deeper - to prevent stripping.

This stunning RDA is an absolute pleasure to build on and use. And would be a great addition to any drippers collection. Highly Recommended