Cult Vapour Co Roots

The creative team over at Herbal Tides have defiantly taken it up to another level, when they launched the Cult Vapour Co. range of Eliquids.  With 10 of the best flavours from the HT Limited Edition Range , joined by 20, yes 20 Brand new flavours to tantalise your taste buds, and satisfy your ever expanding Vaping palette.

Each of the 30 Cult Vapour Co ejuice comes exquisitely packaged in a sealed cardboard box, each adorned by its own piece of Tom Cato Art Work, depicting not only the Cult Logo, but the theming around the enclosed juice. The amazing inspiring art work wraps around three sides of the box, leaving the rear of the box clear for safety information, and ingredients etc.

Inside the presentation box you will find,

  • 1x 50ml E-Liquid with child proof cap
  • 1x Twist easy drip cap
  • 1x Nicotine Shot information leaflet

The 60ml juice bottle is Nic shot compatible, so only contains 50ml of ejuice, with the remainder of the 10ml being made up with a Nic Shot.  Which can be selected when order you Juice.

Adding the full 10ml 18mg High VG Nic shot will convert your 0% Ejuice  to 3% Nic, when mixed.

Don't forget that once your added the Nic Shot, Shake well, to ensure the Nicotine is thoroughly mixed, and then allow to stand until all the bubbles have disappeared.

Roots is described on the Cult Vapour Co website as follows:
 From these roots, grow. 100% pure Jamaican soul-jah. Take a trip to Kingston with this medley of grape, mango & pineapple, in a refreshing lemonade. 
Dominant Flavours Grape • Mango • Pineapple • Lemonade

All of the Cult Vapour Co juices are manufactured here in the UK at the Herbal Tides laboratory, and are blended to a 70 VG 30PG mix, pre-steeped at 0% Nic, and ready to Vape.

On Vaping Cult Vapour Root.
With its up lifting vide, this ejuice refreshes your taste buds and lifts your spirits. Ultra Summer freshness.
The Initial flavour trail on the inhale begins off on quite a light note, a cleverly understated infusion of a sweet classic lemonade, that seem to role in over the Tip of your tongue, it's only as the vapour hits about half way back up your tongue, does the true full flavour profile start to come through.
With a rush of sweet fresh tropical pineapple, washed through with a well balanced layer of creamy mango. A combination that truly wakes up taste buds, with a cocktail of beach fruit freshness.

Holding the vapour momentarily, out the back of the throat allows for the fruit flavour to slowly build, and intensify.

The exhale gains momentum from the addition of sweet grape soda, with gives the existing tropical combo of Pineapple and Mango, a real run for its money, as they battle for first place on the flavour front.
Long after the exhale, the flavours seem to still dance merrily away on the tongue to the slow Caribbean beat.

This invigorating mix of flavours, is an intense blend for tropical flavours, delicately lightened and lifted by the addition of the enchanting classic sweet lemonade.  A true summer All-Day-Vape. Are you beach ready.

MVR Score
Flavour : 9/10
Throat Hit : 8/10
Vapor Production : 9/10
Aroma : 8/10
Overal : 9/10