Sugar Pie Vapes Maple Nut Brittle from TABlites

The team over at TABlites got in touch regarding there Brand New range of Sugar Pie Vapes. And kindly sent over the full range of flavours to review. Plus some sweet little goodies.

Who are TABlites.
TABlites is the best online store for electronic cigarettes, stocking starter kits, clearomisers, electronic cigarette accessories, e-liquids, cartomisers, ‘mods’, atomisers, batteries and chargers, and much more.
Our wide and varied selection of electronic cigarettes and associated items will help you to find a replacement for cigarettes, and as a market-leader in the industry we offer effective solutions for smokers.
TABlites was first established in November 2011 and, since then, we have gone from strength to strength. We have a vast catalogue of electronic cigarettes and we’re constantly bringing in new products that can help our customers to find the ideal device for them. Whether you’ve only recently decided to switch to vaping or have been using electronic cigarettes for years now, we can help you.
What is Sugar Pie Vapes.
Sugar Pie Vapes e-liquids are inspired by the great bakery flavours of New York City, everything from good old-fashioned homemade apple pie to metropolitan caramel latte, Sugar Pie Vapes will transport you to the Big Apple from the comfort of your living room.
Each of the distinctive, delicious flavours is made with 70% VG for the perfect combination of satisfying clouds of vapour and great taste. Available in either 3mg or 6mg and served to you in 10ml bottles.
Take a look at the mouth watering flavours in the Sugar Pie Vapes range:
  • Coffee Caramel - Sweet caramel mixed into a perfect latte
  • Hazelnut Cookie - The nutty, chewy taste of freshly made cookies
  • Lemon Cookie Dough - Zesty lemon in a doughlicious cookie mix
  • Maple Nut Brittle - Sweet, sticky maple syrup drizzled over snappy peanut brittle
  • Sweet Apple Pie - Sweet pastry hiding tart apple and a sprinkle of warming cinnamon
Available at £4.99 each or mix and match 3 bottles for £12!

Maple Nut Brittle is described on the TABlites website as follows
"Maple syrup, the golden, sticky, sweet and delicious breakfast favourite all the way from leafy Vermont is drizzled generously over a nutty and snappy homemade peanut brittle. This is an interesting, surprisingly moreish treat. There isn’t a better snack for strolling down the avenue."
On Vaping Maple Nut Brittle.
As soon as you crack open the childproof seal and unscrew the cap, you are treated with the very distinctive aroma of sweet maple. 
This sweet maple you could smell, passes directly to the inhale, delivering an almost sticky infusion of flavour, that lingers lovingly on the tongue.
The Naturally sweet maple continues to be the dominant flavour throughout the inhale, flowing undisturbed across the tongue, until it reaches the back of the throat,  were you start to get a slight peanut bitterness melting through, which nicely balances out the growing level of sweetness.
The exhale continues on this nutty theme, with the infusion of flavour being more peanut than Maple. With the slight peanut bitterness absorbing some of the excess maple sweetness remaining from the inhale. Delivering a moorishly sweet, well balanced recreation of a classic Nut Brittle.
A nice moorish vape, that keeps you coming back for more, personally I think the addition of a salted caramel, would have just enhanced the flavour and brought out both the peanut, and the maple slightly more. But overall a well blended sweet vape. That's definitely going down well.
MVR Score
Flavour : 7/10
Throat Hit : 7/10
Vapor Production : 8/10
Aroma : 8/10
Overal : 7/10
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