Asvape Michael TC Box Mod from Ave40

The team over at Ave40 very kindly sent over the Asvape Micheal Box Mod free of charge for the purpose of this review.

About Ave40.

AVE40 is connected with Alibaba. Established in 2013, AVE40 grows with a 280-person team for business development and services. Passionate and energetic, the team offers a wide array of Vapor products with their considerate services. In 2016, AVE40 tops its sales volume of over 75 million US Dollars.

AVE40 covers over 1,000 vapor shops and major online stores in China, taking 80% of the domestic customer groups.

Asvape Michael VO200 TC Box Mod is beautifully crafted and designed box mod powered by the VO Tech 200W TC chipset. The Michael, Devil's Night Edition, features a very unique chassis encapsulated in beautiful graphic which has been created using Premium water transfer printing and drawn by a famous illustrator which is complimented by the satin gold accenting plates.

The well known VO200 is capable of 200W, has a full temperature control suite, is upgradable via the VO Editor program, and is powered by twin 18650 batteries. The Michael also features an engraved firing button, engravings surrounding the stainless steel 510 connection, and a sliding magnetic battery access door. 

As with all Asvape products, the packaging is truely second to none, and has a real Premium feel to it, even a little IPhone-Esk.

The outer sleeve depicts the mod in all its glory. This out sleeve slides off, revealing the red in box, with its clever hinge top, which allows you to gain access to the device. Which is held firmly in its inner foam cut out.

Once the mod is removed, and the first layer of foam, you can gain access to the instruction manual, warranty card and micro USB charging cable 

Package Included
 1 x Asvape Michael mod (Battery not included)
 1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual
1 x Warning Card
1 x Gift Box

Parameters of Asvape Michael Mod

60mm x 28mm x 91.5mm
Max Wattage
TC Range
200- 600/ 100- 315
External Battery
2x 18650
American VO200
Wire Type
NI, TI, SS316, TCR
Devils night
Resistance Range
0.08- 3.0Ω (VW Mode), 0.03- 1Ω (TC Mode), 0.2- 3.0Ω (By pass)
Output Mode

OUT DIY, TC, VW, Bypass 

Safety Features
Anti-Dry Burning Technology / Low Battery Voltage Protection / Low Resistance Protection / Reverse Polarity Protection / Short Circuit Protection / Auto Shut-off. 

The Body
The uniquely crafted body, has been machined out of high quality Zinc  Alloy, and its Chassis then powder coated with a brushed matt gold finish. Weighting in at  0.1870 kg, it has a solid quality feel in the hand.

The stand out feature on this truly unique designed mod  is its rubberised artistic wrap that runs around the mod.  The water transfer printing process that was used to create this finish, leaves each artistic line slightly raised, creating a premium finish, with a great level of grip.

The spine of the device has a well crafted curve to it, flailing out slightly at the top, meaning it fits perfectly in the hand, when gripped.

The rubberised finish wraps seemlessly around the front screen and control section, which again is finished in matt brushed gold.  

This section not only houses the control buttons but also the 0.91 inch OLED Quadrant Based Display screen that displays all your relevant device information :

  • Wattage Output
  • Voltage Output
  • Temperature Output
  • VPC Curve Graph
  • Atomizer Resistance
  • Battery Life Indicator
  • Bottom Bar Menu Selection

The amount of information on the screen, does make the screen a bit busy, and some information a bit small and hard to read.

The screen will stay lite for 15 seconds before shutting off, which feels a natural length of time. The screen is nice an bright, and seemed ok, when using outside, although you do get quite a lot of reflection,

Functions & Controls
Power on: Press the power button 5 times within 3 seconds;

Lock mode: Press the power button 3 times within 3 seconds;

No unlock simply press 3 times again.

Mode select: Press the power buttons 5 times within 3 seconds while the machine is on. A mode indicator lights up and indicates the device is in mode selection menu.  From this menu you can select from Power, Temp, VPC (variable power curve) and Bypass.

Press the + and - buttons alternates between the modes, and press the fire button will select it. Once selected it will move you across to 'System' pressing the + button, will then exit back out of the setting, whilst press the - will power the device off. 

In VPC mode, you can alter the way that your device fires, by altering each point on the graph, so you could start off at 65w then drop down to 40w , unlike the graph, the device doesn't fire along a smooth curve, it will literally fire at 65w then drop down 40w. And strangle there is no scale on the time axis, so your not sure how long each point of the graph will last for.

In Bypass mode : it will perform more in line with a Mech Mod, in the fact that it will fire the coil at whatever voltage is coming off the battery, rather that at any chosen wattage. 

Power off: Press the power button 5 times within 3 seconds to enter mode selection menu, select "System" by press the power button, press "-" to turn off.  - I did find the power off function a little fiddly, 

The level of craftsmanship and design through into the control buttons, The Micheal features a detailed Asvape logo embossed into the fire button, which although highly detailed does seem to have quite a sharp rough edge to it.

The other control buttons (+) & (-) have been incorporated into a single rocker switch that is located under the screen. And allows for easy control and navigation,

510 Connection.
Continuing the artistic detailed design, the 510 connection features a unique line design running around it, with the Asvape logo written underneath.

The 510 has a 24c Gold plated sprung loaded centre pin, to allow for a high performance connection between you atomisers and the device.

Comfortably taking atomisers upto 24mm possibly 25mm with a slight overhang. 

Battery compartment.

The Asvape Micheal takes two 18650 batteries, which are inserted through a sliding battery cover in the base of the device.

The battery door is aligned with two small notches, and held in place with a small magnet and the springs pushing the batteries in place.

I know some reviewers have had issues with a small amount of movement and rattle from the battery door, I'm not sure if this was on some of the earlier models, but Im pleased to report I have had no such issues.

Design & Build Quality.
As with all Asvape products I have tested the level of detail in there design, and high end standards of build quality, is truely second to none. And when purchasing an Asvape product, you know you are buying a premium Vaping product that is defiantly going to last.

Everyday Vaping & Performance.
The Micheal Mod, is definitely a real head turner and always a talking point when out and about.

During the time I have been using this device it has delivered near faultless performance, with virtually instant power delivery to the Coils, during the first half of the battery power,  once you get below about half to three quarters , you do begin to to a bit of drop off on power delivery.

As with the Asvape Strider, I do find the function controls to be a bit back wards, mainly because I am so used to the 5 clicks on - 5 clicks off, rather than having to enter into the menu to turn it off. 

I haven't taken her upto 200w, as that is well above my range of every day Vaping, and I don't have the equipment to test it. 

The Temperature Control, seems accurate and easy to manage, working well with in your preset limits.

Conclusion & Recommendations.
I have admired this mod for a while, and jumped at the chance to get my hands on one, and I defiantly wasn't disappointed. As it was everything I was expecting from Asvape. Premium Quality, with an impressive attention to detail.  Would defiantly be recommending the Asvape Michael Mod from Ave40.