Pulse 24 BF RDA By Vandy Vape

The Vandy Vape Pulse 24 BF RDA Dual Coil Version is the next revitalization of the beloved Pulse series, integrating an impressive highly advanced Dual Coil version. Measuring 24mm in diameter, the Pulse 24 BF RDA is crafted with high-quality Stainless Steel construction in a three-piece structure and with creative elements. What' more Pulse 24 BF RDA also comes with a highly intuitive airflow system along with ergonomic design functionalities: adopts unique leak resistant tubular side direct airflow with 4 Spare Philips Screws for easily to build as well as the bottom feed directly to side juice wells. The Vandy Vape Pulse 24 BF RDA is a must-have collection for building enthusiasts.

As with the first Pulse, the 24 comes packaged in the distinctive bright blue presentation box, with the Vandy Vape branding on the front, along with Tony B Project, who helped design this Atty. on the back of the box you have the contact into for Vandy Vape.

What's in the box:

1 x Pulse 24 BF RDA
1 x 16mm Delrin Drip Tip
1 x Accessory Bag

Features & Specifications

Manufacture : Vandy Vape
Model : Pulse 24 BF
Juice Capacity : 2.0ml
Squonk Compatible: Yes
Connection Pin : Gold-plated 510 contact pin
Coil Capacity : Single & Double
Build Deck : Postless Design.
Length: 23mm
Diameter: 24.4mm

The Pulse 24 comes in a choice of three colours, the Matt Black, Stainless Steel, Gold and Rainbow.

Like it's predecessor the Pulse 24 breaks down into it's component parts for the purpose of cleaning and maintence.

Drip Tip.
The Pulse 24 comes with a choice of drip tips, with the Ultum drip Tip preinstalled when in arrived.

I do like the look of the Ultum drip Tip, and feels it does improve the overall look of the RDA.  Although it does seem to becoming the norm on nearly all atomisers that are coming out.

Airflow Control Ring
The stainless steel Adjustable Airflow ring, has four holes machined  not it, with two on each side, which allowed for full control of the airflow running through to the deck.

The top of the Airflow ring also acts as the top of charmer, and has been slightly coned in at the top to assist in improving the overall flavour of the device.

Air Flow Chamber
The well machined 24mm Air-Flow Chamber, follows the classic design of the original Pulse. With its  Unique leak resistant tubular side direct airflow, which puts your Airflow directly onto the sides of the Coils.

Due to the Airflow tubes sticking out into the chamber, it is important that the Air-flow chamber is lined up correctly to ensure that the tubes are not touching the Coils, this is done by aligning the slots on the top with the notches machined into the deck.

Build Deck
The uniquely designed postless deck, features a four coil holes, running directly down into the deck, to allow for multiple types of builds, from large single Coils to dual coil build.

Either side of the build deck, you have two deep juice wells, joined together in the centre of the deck, with the Squonking juice hole. Which allows for juice to flow directly into the juice wells, without the chance of squirting up onto the Coils, when squonking.

Your build will be held securely in place with the four side mounted Philips head screws.

The positive and negative sides of the deck are separated with a flush fitting layer of peak insulation.

The base of the Pulse features the normal branding that you would expect to see, along with a gold plated 510 connection. Which comes with the squonk pin pre-installed. With the ability to switch it out for the standard gold plated 510 pin.

Vandy Vape Pulse 24 build.
Due to the clever design of the deck, you can choose between a larger single coil build. Allow you to install some of your fastest builds with space to spare.

Or you can use both sets of holes and install a pair of smaller Coils.

When installing the Coils, you simply need to trim off some of the excess coil tails, to ensure that the Coils sit at the correct height, in relation to the air Flow tubes. I ended up cutting off about 4mm of each coil tail, to get the perfect fit.

Once your Coils are installed and screws tightened down, you then need to adjust the alignment, to ensure the are pointing toward the notch, which will allow them to sit between the air Flow tubes.  Then you can simple wick up the Coils, cutting the wicks off, just past the edge of the deck. And give the Cotton a nice brush out, thinning out as necessary.

Then gently tuck the cotton wicks down into the Juice wells.

When the Coils are set correctly, they should sit centrally between the airflow tubes.

 Allowing the air to come in and hit the Coils directly on the sides.

Even if not Squonking, the Ultem Drip Tip allows plenty of room to drip directly onto the Coils, with having to remove the top cap or drip Tip.

Design and Build Quality.
If you liked the original Pulse, then you will love the design of the the New 24, with the same high level of machining, and top end build quality.
I think I prefer the design of the build deck on the Pulse 24, as you are not tied to using right or left handed Coils, as you were on the original one, due to the static layout of the coil wholes. With the 24 is doesn't matter which way your Coils have been wrapped, they fit perfectly due to layout of the four wholes.

The tolerance on the top cap and Airflow ring, are near perfect, allowing you to easily remover and adjust the Airflow ring, without disturbing the main chamber.

Also the juice flow channeling when squonking, directs the juice perfectly into the juice wells with squirting up onto the coil, causing high levels of spit back.

Every day Vaping and Performance.
The Vandy Vape Pulse 24 BF is a true pleasure to use, either in Squonk mod or standard Dripper mode. It has near faultless performance.

I have run it in both single and dual coil, and I think for everyday Vaping, in this particular Atomiser I prefer the performance and Vapor density that you get off the dual Coils, with two smaller simpler Coils, I find you get a better flavour, with less spit back.
Strangely I also found that my smaller twin Build seemed to wick better, not sure why.  And that is the Beauty of the Pulse 24 you can run the build, or builds that you want to run, you are not restricted to a single style.

Conclusion & Recommendations.
So the big question is, which one do I prefer the original Pulse or the Pulse 24? I am lucky enough to have been sent both, but if I had to go out and buy one. Which I would I think I would have to go for the Pulse 24. Purely for the additional coil holes on the build deck, and the extra space for extra big build.
A definite 'must have' for all squonkers, and Vapors looking for a high quality RDA, with a easy to build on deck with a flexible design.

Defiantly one of favourite RDA's at present.

Supplied By : 
Vandy Vape