T's Custard Zeppole Ejuice from Vivdvapes

Following on from the success of Tony's first Custard ejuice, he has added two more flavours to the T's Custard range  And he has kindly sent them over for review. 

Packaging & Presentation.  
It is manufacturer in a UK lab and comes in a 60ml chubby style bottle with easy remove nozzle. Clearly and professional labelled with T's  Custard Zeppole 
The Juice is pre steeped ready to vape but it is stated that it only gets better and better with time.
This 50ml 0mg bottle has been formulated extra strong flavour or to take 10ml plain vg to give a correctly blended 60ml 0mg 70vg, or a 10ml 18mg vg nic shot will give 60ml 3mg 70vg juice, 
In every shipment Tony also includes Nic Shot mixing instructions - "When mixing in Nic Shot Please Shake very very well for 1 Min. Then allow to stand until bubbles disappear to fully disperse the Nicotine thoroughly as the Nic shot is 100% VG , so very thick." 
Following these simple instructions is good advice and will prevent you getting at Nicotine Hot Spots in you juice. And give a more consistent vape.
For full disclosure, Tony also points out on the website that this ejuice is made using version 1 concentrates and concentrate manufacturers states that some concentrates may contain Acetoin/Acetyl Propionyl.

T's Custard Zeppole is described on the Vivdvapes:

"Zeppole are an Italian pastry very similiar to French Beignets, traditionally served on St Joseph's day. They are a coux pastry deep fried then served plain dusted with icing sugar or filled with cream/fruits of your choice, ours are fried and filled with creamy vanilla custard and dusted with icing sugar. A lovely pastry/bakery vape that feels like you've just bitten into a freshly made zeppola dusted in icing sugar & filled with vanilla custard and 75vg,"

On Vaping Zeppole.
Having never had the pleasure of trying  an original Italian Zeppole Pastry, I really didn't know what to expect,  

I must admit, on first inhale I wasn't very keen on the flavour, it just didn't seem to sit right on my palette. But trusting Tony's eye for Flavour, I persisted and let it settle on the fresh cotton, and turned the Wattage up slightly to 65w.

After a couple more toots, the true flavour started to come through, translating into a cheeky sweet batter mix, that seems to draw you in further, the more you vape on it. The 'true' almost fried batter blend, casually coats the tongue as travel up it,  with bursting bubbles of sweet bakery blends coming through,  reminiscent of freshly fried donuts 🍩.

As you continue to Vape of this deeply complex blend, you begin to pick up on the distinctive layers on flavours,  from the sweet sugar frosting, to the indulgent Vanilla Custard melting through on the end of each inhale, this juice seem to have it all. And is a true master blend of flavours.

The well established T's Vanilla Custard centre nicely comes through on the exhale, with the pastry batter mix ever present in the background, taking this Custard vape to the next level.

This is defiantly one of the Vapes that grows on you, so you better order two bottles, as by the time you get to the end of the bottle, you will be craving your next Zeppole fix.

MVR Score
Flavour : 9/10
Throat Hit : 8/10
Vapor Production : 9/10
Aroma : 9/10
Overal : 9/10