Vandy Vape Mesh RDA

The Mesh RDA by Vandy vape is the next progression in vaping technology! Designed for use with vaping mesh as opposed to regular coils. Vape Mesh provides a smooth flavourful vape with minimal spit back and no noise. A consistent vape with dense vapor production, makes this type of RDA the absolute next big thing in vaping!
Vandy vape create high quality, incredibly engineered products at a brilliant price point, and the all new Mesh RDA is no exception. So let's get up close and personal with the Mesh RDA.
What you get in the box

What's in the box:

1 x Mesh RDA 
1 x 18.5mm Delrin Drip Tip 
1 x Accessory Bag 
3 x KA1 Mesh Wire 
3 x Ni80 Mesh Wire 
3 x SS316 Mesh Wire

Features & Specifications
  • Height: 25mm
  • Diameter: 24mm
  • Capacity: 1.0ml
  • Drip Tip: Ultem drip tip and Doc tip
  • Pin Type: Ordinary gold plated 510 pin and squonk pin
  • Deck style : Postless 
The Mesh RDA comes in a choice of four finishes,  the choice is yours.

The Mesh RDA comes with every thing you need to get started apart from the cotton,  it comes fully assembled, but separates into its component parts, for ease of building and cleaning.

The stainless steel  build deck and base section features a full adjustable Gold plated centre, with included interchangeable Gold plated Squonk pink.

The sides of the build deck feature two large o-rings which securely hold the chamber in place.

The build deck on the Mesh RDA is one of the cleanest and simplest  decks around, with two gold plated slot clamps machined into the deck, with the positive clamp slot surrounded by peak insulator to prevent the coil from shorting out, the deck  has a very shallow lip running around the edge. The shallow juice well is compensated by the amount of cotton that fits under the Mesh, plus the fact that, the RDA is bottom feed through the whole in the centre of the deck, which feeds the juice directly up under the coil. The concept of the deck is so simple I can't believe it hasn't been done before.

The two parallel clamps are adjustable via the two flat head screws, located on opposite sides of the deck.

The clean and uncomplicated chamber, has two slots cut into the sides, measuring 10mm wide. Plus the distinctive Mesh logo, machined into the chamber wall.

The top cap doubles up as the air Flow control ring, allowing for full adjustment of the airflow running directly through to the coil or Mesh. With the choice of dual slots, or single slots, depending on your preference.

The inside of the top cap, has been machine to create a conical shape at the top, to assist with flavour flow.

The Mesh RDA comes with a choice of two drip tips, Ultem or Delrin. Which allows you to personalise the look of your RDA.

Mesh RDA Builds.
The beauty of the Mesh RDA's build deck is the fact that you can build with both Mesh and Standard Coils in both Single and dual coil.

The Mesh RDA comes with three pre-cut strips of each type of  Mesh, KA1 Mesh Wire , Ni80 Mesh Wire ,SS316 Mesh Wire. to allow you to experiment with your Mesh builds. And once you have used them up you can purchase rolls of Mesh direct from Vandy Vape.

The beauty of the Mesh, is the amount of surface area it gives you when in contact with the juice soaked cotton, with less hot spots, and spit back.

I found that you need to trim off about 10mm of Mesh from one end, before inserting it.

You can then simply unscrew the clamps, and insert one end of the Mesh, and tighten up the clamp, by turning the screw on that side.

You then simply curl over the Mesh and insert it into the other side, and clamp in place.

Once in place the Mesh can then be pulsed, and allowed to cool. Before the Cotton the threaded underneath.

I found it easier to just undo one side of the Mesh and then just lay the Cotton across the deck, rather than threading it through.

With this style of build, you do use an awful lot of Cotton, probably four times what you would normal use,  but releasing one end of the Mesh does allow for you to fluff up the Cotton well, before repositioning  the Mesh.

You can then simply trim off the excess cotton on each side.

With this amount of cotton, you can see why you don't need a deep juice well, as the cotton ends up holding about 4ml of juice on its own.

The style of the deck also allows you to install, some of the fattest monster Coils, as well as ribbon coil

Plus you can  easily install two smaller Coils, 

Or even three or four Nano Coils if you fancied it.  

Vaping performance.
Having never tried Mesh, as a heating element I was really keen to try this one out.  The Mesh seems to instantly heat up, I would say it is more responsive that a standard equivalent kanthal coil.  And when firing, gives off the extremely dense thick Vapor, full of flavour,  believe me this thing chucks out clouds of Vapour. Due to the amount of surface area in contact with the cotton.

This level of vapour production does of cause come at a cost, and you do find it quite thirsty, and can boast through your juice quite quickly.  But thanks to the large amount of juice soaked cotton, this RDA copes with it well.

I did find that the chamber and top cap can get a little hot, due to the amount of heat the Mesh can give off at higher temps. 

Conclusion & Recomendation.
Vandy Vape have never been one to follow the crowd, and with Mesh RDA, they have not only created an outstandingly versatile RDA, but have created a hole new way of coiling. And I can't wait to see what some of the master builders  come up with, as far as using Mesh, and mesh Coils.

 Vandy Vape have proven once again that they are one of the leading Vape Gear Manufactures,  producing high quality products at affordable prices. And leading the way in Vape design.

I will be defiantly recommending this RDA, and can't wait to see how they follow it.

Mesh RDA.