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Thanks for taking the time to read my Vaping Blog, I stopped smoking on the 1st October 2013, and haven't looked back, which was the start of my vaping journey, which I want to share with you all, by reviewing the products I use and the experiences I have. 

My Vaping Reviews is not paid by any manufacturer, wholesaler, or retailer to endorse their products so you can depend on our unbiased, honest, and reliable reviews. While some of the juice reviewed on the site was purchased by me for the purpose of reviews and general vaping, some juice has been submitted by the vendor for the purpose of review. How the juice was obtained has no effect on the outcome of the review. More information about the reviews, as well as the views and opinions expressed on this website can be found in our legal disclaimer.

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Please contact me at myvapingreviews@gmail.com or on twitter at @MyVaping 

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Dan Pierce

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