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Seriously Donut Range

Review of the SERIOUSLY DONUTS range from the Doozy Vape Co

Doozy Vape Co Juices were some of the first juices that I reviewed back in 2016.  Whilst the Doozy Vape Co was still in its infancy, having only been launched by Imran in the UK in 2015. 

Since those early days, Doozy has gone from strength to strength.  And with Imran’s drive, innovation and determination has become recognised Globally as a Premium quality e-liquid Brand. Personally I find it fascinating watch brands develop and grow, and feel proud to have done my little bit in helping shape and promote the growing brand.

About Doozy

Welcome to Doozy, the home of Multi Award Winning flavours. Established in 2015.


“Doozy Vape Co is proud to be recognised Globally as a Premium quality e-liquid Brand.

Their Journey began in 2015 and was defined by a genuine passion for vaping. Doozy has grown to become one of the worlds most distinctive vape brands, specialising in high quality e-liquid in a unique variety of flavours.

The product of choice for connoisseurs and novices alike, the Doozy portfolio has a flavour for every vaper. With innovation in-mind we strive to deliver perfection.

Their knowledge coupled with creativity and attention to detail is why Doozy has become the brand of choice for vapers all across the world.

The Doozy Vape Co. range of Vape juice includes Fruits, Ice, Menthol, Dessert, Candy, Cocktails and Tobacco.

Doozy flavours are available in all popular e-liquid size bottles and compositions including 10ml 50:50 perfect for those looking to quit cigarettes to e-liquids for the more advanced vaper such as our Salt Nicotine products available in 10mg, 20mg, 30mg and 50mg. We also offer a Hi VG mix of flavours in 0mg 50ml Short fill also known as Shake and Vape these 30 PG 70 VG mixed liquids require a Nicotine Shot for those who prefer their vape with nicotine. They cater for our Non-EU customers with pre mixed nicotine liquids available in 60ml and 100ml bottle sizes with our Nicotine Salts available in 30ml bottles and higher nicotine strengths 30mg and 50mg.

Since the implementation of the Menthol Tobacco ban in the UK in 2020 we have had an increase in the popularity of our Ice Menthol flavour ranges such as the Doozy Cool CollectionJuice Junki and our Menthol Flavour in the 50/50 range.

  • 7Years creating and evolving to produce great flavours
  • 47 Doozy employees spread globally
  • Global footprint strong growth across 6 continents
  • 37 Expo’s presented at

Doozy is a Brand going from strength to strength. Join us in our efforts to help people quit smoking and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.” - 

I haven’t reviewed any Doozy Vape Co juices for a while, with one thing and another, but couldn’t resist when the Master Mixers at DVC created their very own Seriously Donutsrange. As followers of my Blog, know I’m a massive donut fan.

Doozy Seriously Donuts 100ml E-Liquid Shortfills

Seriously Donuts is the latest addition to the Doozy’s extensive family of e-liquid ranges. Being launched in the 100ml Format as part of the Seriously brand captures 6 moreish baked dessert flavours that guarantee to satisfy your taste buds. 

In addition, this fantastic line features blends like Strawberry & Cream, Raspberry Jam, Original Glazed and more.

So let’s sit down relax and try them all out and decide which Donut flavour is myfavourite.

Doozy Seriously Donuts Eliquid 100ml E-Liquid Shortfills is a fantastic brand that features a concentration ratio of 70% VG (Vegetable Glycerine) and 30% Mixed PG ( Propylene Glycol ) and high-quality food flavourings. A perfect blend for sub-ohm vaping!

  • 100ml Of E-Liquid In A 120ml Shortfill Bottle
  • 0mg Strength
  • Room For Two 10ml Nic Shots
  • 70% VG / 30% PG
  • Blended For Sub Ohm Vaping
  • Made In The UK
  • Childproof Cap
  • Recyclable Bottle
  • Tamper Evident Sea
  • Price £14.99

Seriously Donuts Strawberry and Cream.


Seriously Donuts Strawberry and Cream E-liquid Shortfill. Everyones Favourite combination of Thick Luscious Cream and Sweet Strawberries”

I don’t think there is a more moorish combination than Strawberry 🍓 & Cream, especially when infused with the classic, oubliette dipped Donut batter blend.  This ejuice literally Ozzie’s with flavour, from the very first blast, you’ll be hooked, the sweetness from the Strawberries, has a real bounce to it, setting the tone for the prevailing flavours, next seems to follow the indulgently sweet, true to life donut batter blend, with all of its buttery goodness. Literally gliding in up your tongue,  slightly cutting through the strawberry sweetness. The smoothness of the vape, comes from the double layered lashings of thick whipped cream, bringing near perfection to the inhale.

The exhale brings with it, more sweetness from the strawberry 🍓, but seems to be centred around the creamy combination of the creamy centre and the surrounding fluffy donut blend, which brings a real lightness to the exhale, whilst maintaining the exiting sweetness, that you would expect from a donut inspired vape.

Absolutely stunning.

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Seriously Donuts Raspberry Jam.


“Seriously Donuts Raspberry Jam E-liquid Shortfill. Gorgeously Sweet Raspberry Jam oozing from the centre creating a Fruity layer between each bite!”

You can’t have a donut range with out the totally classic, jam filled donut 🍩, and not just any old jam, it has to be Raspberry Jam, filled to the brim, and just waiting to drip down your clean white shirt.  As you inhale, the main focus is on the moorish donut batter, with all its buttery goodness,  the sides of your tongue begin to pick up on the super sweet filling, with its slight tingling tartness. At the back of your throat you get a solidly sweet throat hit, which is nicely in keeping with the over experience.

On the exhale, it’s all about the jam, layer upon layer of sweet sticky jam, seriously sweet, but with just the right amount tartness along the edges. An absolutely banging Donut vape, 

Buy know.

Seriously Donuts Original Glazed.


Seriously Donuts Original Glazed E-liquid Shortfill. The Unmistakeable taste of a Timeless Classic. Donuts dipped in a Deliciously Rich Sugary Syrup.

The base note of the Seriously Donut range, for when it is all about the donut, and nothing but the donut 🍩. Uncomplicated perfection. I’m so pleased that the Doozy crew included this in the range, to allow you to enjoy this timeless classic, without any distractions.  The donut batter is silky smooth, with just the right amount of ‘buttery’ glide, as you slowly inhale, the soft fluffy donut centre comes through, perfectly polished by the addition of the sugar frosting, which gives the inhale the required sugary kick.

The classic glazed donut, is definitely not as sweet as the rest of the range, and could be the right choice for those vapors who prefer the less sweet experience.  This juice can also be used as a mixer, if you like the other flavours, but just want a more of a donut  inspired vape. 

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Seriously Donuts Lemon Drizzle.


“Seriously Donuts Lemon Drizzle E-liquid Shortfill. Scrumptiously soft and fluffy Donut Dough, Drizzled with frosted Lemon Icing with a Sweet Zesty Centre.”

This dreamy combination,  is definitely up there at the top of my fav. Donut blends, and Doozy’s blend is absolutely bang on,  combining the rich donut batter, with the cut through of the tangy lemon frosting. What’s not to like. As you inhale you get an instant pow from the intense lemon tang, sweeter than fresh lemon, definitely a lemon frosting .  As this intense citrus blast rides up your tongue, it begins to mellow as the buttery goodness from the bonus battery begins to melt through. By the time it hits the back of your throat, the two flavours are seemlessly infused, into a sweet doughy, lemon sensation. Absolute killer combo.

The exhale comes across as a little lighter, with more of a fluffy feel to it, with the lemon less tangy , more in keeping with the ozzing yellow center as you bite through, more of a lemon custard. This continues through the exhale. Absolutely spot on. Loved it.

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Seriously Donuts Glazed Biscoff 


“Seriously Donuts Glazed Biscoff E-liquid Shortfill. A Tasty Tea Time Treat. Donut infused with crumbs of Biscoff topped with a Sugar glaze.”

I have a new found passion for Biscoff, I really can’t get enough of the stuff, I have it in my morning porridge, with sliced bananas, mixed in with my icecream, and smothered on hot toast, warm Croissants, and sometimes just neat straight off the spoon 🥄. So you can imagine my excitement when I read the fact that the Doozy team had combined to of my favourite flavours, double dipped dog-nuts, and Biscoff. 

Kill me now and take me to heaven. So then the big question was, how close could they match up the iconic flavour.  When I am pleased to report that it is absolutely stop on, they have managed to capture the unique blend of chocolate, biscuit and caramel. And that is just the filling, the dreamy Biscoff delight adds a whole other level to the classic double dipped donut batter, with the slight saltiness of the Biscoff complementing the intense sweetness of the donut. As you inhale the sugary sweetness of the batter mix is the first flavour to come through, which holds true until it reaches about half way up your tongue, at which point the saltiness of the Biscoff filling begins to Ozz through.  The smooth Biscoff delight continues to coat your tongue throughout the exhale. All in all a totally bang on flavour, and one not to be missed.

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Seriously Donuts Apple Fritter.


Seriously Donuts Apple Fritter E-liquid Shortfill. Deliciously soft and airy dough, filled with a Caramelised Apple centre with a Sugar glazed coating.”

Another great addition to the Seriously range, this one seemed to be the least donuty or the range, and instead reminds me of the McDonald’s Hot Apple Pie’s, the ones that come in those cardboard sleeves, the ones you normally burn you lips and tongue with.  The donut batter seems to be more battery, like a crispy batter, which I think comes from the caramelisation in the apple center. As you inhale the crisp batter instantly comes through, gliding in over your tongue, with the brown sugar infused baked apple breaking through about half way back. Just before it hits the back of your tongue. The exhale on the other hand seems to have more of a fresh apple 🍏 experience to it, refreshingly juicy, but still with that caramelised taste.  Although opposing, the two flavours work really well together, delivering a super Tastey Apple Fritter taste sensation, just with no burnt lips.

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Coil Friendly?

The only down side to such sweet flavours, is that these juices aren’t very coil friendly, and did tend to caramelise the coils quite quickly, so did find myself changing out the cotton, and blasting the coils, every three or four days. But a small price to pay for such Tastey treats.

Final thoughts 💭 

I have absolutely loved this range of Seriously good eliquids from the master mixers at Doozy, and so impressed with how Imran and his team have taken the Doozy brand to its dizzy heights of global success, becoming one of the pillars of the UK Vaping industry. Doozy never seem to sit still, continuing to grow their Seriously range.  Next we will be reviewing the Brand New Seriously Soda range, so watch this space.

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